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Should You Join the Hype on these Gouache Jelly Paints?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Ever since quarantine started, artists have been challenged to use their time in isolation to try out new trends and products to improve their skills. One product surfacing around the internet, particularly TikTok, has been taking up all the space under the painting hashtag on the app; The HIMI Gouache Jelly paint set.

So what's with the hype?

HIMI paints has an understanding of how visuals play an important role in consumerism, and with that in mind, they’ve kept their packaging simple but effective. While not much is known about HIMI paints since it has recently hit the market, their adorably pastel packaged box with vibrantly smooth color has made their product eye-catching to many artists that want to further develop their painting skills. Depending on where you order, this paint set is set at an affordable price point of $20-$25.

Understanding the 'Gouache' paints:

The word 'Gouache', comes from the Italian word, 'guazzo', meaning 'mud'. It has been given this name for its opaque, mud-like finish. Gouache and watercolors are often mixed up, and even used interchangeably or together at times. Gouache has a small distinction from watercolors; they are opaque and matte, while watercolors are translucent. This means that gouaches are great for creating bold pieces, but artists tend to favor watercolor if they want to go for a light, glowy approach to their painting.

The set contains 18 primary colors, each being highly praised for its rich and creamy pigments.

But do they really live up to their appearance?

From Amazon to countless different art-dedicated websites, we can conclude that the reviews for the HIMI Gouache Jelly paint set are overall positive. They’re great for beginner artists, but also seem to compliment experienced painters as well. Some reviews, however, claim that the paints don’t exactly live up to its ‘jelly’ texture. They are said to dry up faster than expected.

So if you want to dip your toes into the world of painting, or just want to feel a little fancy, grab a set and work your magic. It could be the beginning of a new artistic approach.

Below is the paint set at work demonstrated by creator 'imawonder,' on Youtube.

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