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How to Prepare for an Open Call

Submitting to an open call can be intimidating, you may have doubts about yourself or your artwork. But there are ways to best prepare for an open call.

Know Yourself

It is vital to understand what kind of artist you are. Whether it’s your inspirations, mediums or style, having a clear grasp of who you are is going to help you stand out from everyone else. That is not to say that you should pigeonhole yourself to one single idea. Exploration of art is a great thing but make sure that you have a strong foundation in something. Whether you are inspired by nature, conservation or equality rights, whether you express yourself through painting, photography or sculpture, learning what makes you you, is crucial for having your submission accepted.

Know Who You’re Submitting to

Research the gallery as much as you can. Find out what their mission and goals are and help them accomplish that. It's important to ask yourself questions about the gallery you are submitting to. What previous exhibitions has that gallery held? What kinds of artists were featured? What kind of artwork was featured? Questions like these can go a long way to find out if you and that gallery are compatible. And make sure to stay up to date with the art galleries you are applying to, social media and newsletters are a great way to keep yourself informed.

Don’t Be Afraid

Every open call wants submissions, the gallery wants to find different art and artists for their exhibit. You should not feel discouraged to submit your work, no matter how experienced you are or what type of work you do. Gaining experience in submitting to art galleries is going to help you either way. You can learn what galleries are looking for and what galleries are best for you to submit to.

Try Something New

If you aren’t being chosen for open calls, it is okay to be adventurous. New inspirations or mediums could be an answer to get your art into galleries. And it’s important to understand that you can be submitting to the wrong places, try to submit to alternative galleries.

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