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Benefits of Virtual Art Galleries

The core benefit of a virtual art gallery can be boiled down to global accessibility. Being able to impact people all over the world is the biggest benefit that virtual art galleries can provide.

Global Representation

Obviously, you can find benefits in a physical art gallery, the ambience of a 200 year old museum is hard to beat, being in the same room as an extremely significant piece of art can be a magical experience. But not everyone can go to Paris or New York City. The ability to view a gallery anywhere and at any time can not be understated. Global representation and outreach is an amazing thing in the world of art.

How often are you going to be able to talk to someone from Jakarta, Indonesia, Johannesburg, South Africa, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the same time? Seems unlikely, but in Culturally Arts Collective’s most recent exhibition, you can. Garry Lotulung, Tessa Teixeira and Bakula Nayak all feature their artwork in ‘On The Rise’, displaying their art concerning climate change around the world. The ability to access representation from all around the world is a principal benefit of art galleries.


The ability to feature artists from all over the world also means that anyone all over the world can experience the artwork. Being able to show themes like indigenous people’s rights, gender violence and human curiosity, helps people understand that some issues are much larger than you think.

Someone in Madrid, Spain being able to view Navajo and Aboriginal

art in the same exhibit is a profound aspect in educating the world about indigenous rights. Or someone from Los Angeles, USA being able to see the world through an Armenian person’s eye can be an astonishing revelation.

Curating global exhibitions that are accessible to everyone at any time is an incredibly powerful thing. The ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and understand their mindset about what drives them in their life is an amazing act that everyone should experience.

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