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How To Get Inspired!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut lately with your art? Do you pick up your paintbrush just to put it down because you feel uninspired? Well, look no further, because once you’re done reading this article you should be ready to dive back into your art!

1. Browse Images

There are millions of artists on Pinterest, Instagram, and the internet as a whole who you can get some inspo from! Get ideas from other talented artists, and you’ll find yourself creating new art in no time. Of course, make sure to not copy other artists, instead put your own spin on it (or credit their name). This is an amazing way to grow as an artist, and support others!

2. Learn Something New

Search up tutorials on YouTube and try to follow a tutorial! It’s possible that you may just need guidance with your art, so videos are the best way to learn how to create something! Of course, don’t forget about the virtual, online art lessons we hold on Culturally Arts!

3. Try A New Art Form

Try experimenting with a different media of art! Maybe you feel bored with the same type of art you’ve been doing, and want to try something new. Buy some new materials, or try making art with what you have around the house!

4. Use Real Images as a Reference

Search up images of people, objects, or scenery on the Internet, then try to recreate them in your own artistic way. Recreating images really helps get the gears turning, and can help you improve as an artist as well. See how well you can capture the image realistically, or put your own spin on it!

5. Art Studies

Do an art study on a specific artist, style, or media! This has become really trendy these days, since art journaling has been all craze. For an artist, maybe recreate a famous painting by them. Do an art study on styles of art by recreating the same piece of art in different ways such as abstract, realistic, graphic art, etc. A art study on a certain media would involve using that media to create different strokes, colors, and textures.

I hope these tips help get you back in your artistic groove!

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1 Comment

Seema Bisht
Seema Bisht
Sep 10, 2020

Great post Priya! And thanks for the tips:))

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