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7 Art-Related Things to do When You're Bored

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

At this point in quarantine, we all seem to be running out of things to do. So, why not exercise your creativity in different artistic mediums and disciplines and practice your visual arts skills. Maintaining a routine of creative activities can improve your motivation and critical thinking. Find 14 free and productive activities suitable for any age below.

Paint/color by numbers

You can buy large intricate pictures or print out your own. You can use any medium from paint to markers! To practice your paint skills and create a personalized gift or project, turn printed photography into a painting by painting over it with matching colors.

Learn a new art medium

If you are new to visual art or a seasoned artist, it is always exciting to try a new medium that can enhance your current projects or style. Use any materials you may already have such as pencil, pen, color pencil, or collage, and explore with different techniques. For a more structured approach, take a free online class, watch a YouTube video, or recreate your favorite works. Culturally frequently offers free virtual classes in various mediums. Check out our schedule under “events.”

Painting rocks

People underestimate the relaxing power of painting rocks. Go explore outside and find rocks with various textures, sizes, and shapes. Paint your favorite designs or let your imagination run by turning them into the animals or objects their shape resembles.

Make a collage from a magazine

College pictures, words, and letters to create a mixed media piece or create a mood board. Use pieces of specific colors for highlights and shadows in order to create a bigger composition.

Adult coloring books

Buy a themed book or find free printable pages or virtual versions of your favorite pictures. Put on your favorite playlist and relax by coloring!

Bullet journal

Take an old notebook or get a bullet journal to start your journaling journey. There are also a multitude of apps and digital versions if you prefer. Increase your motivation and organization by creating page spreads like workout trackers, weekly planners, TV episode trackers, quotes, and much more!

Practice your photography skills

Get out your camera or phone and start taking photographs of familiar objects in your house or go explore in your own backyard. Focus on principles such as composition, unity, color, movement, and more. Then, make a physical or virtual scrapbook for an added art experience.

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1 Comment

Olga Nievas
Olga Nievas
Jul 28, 2020

Muy bien, yo también estoy haciendo arte en estos días de cuidarnos

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