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Художник: Катрин Миллериу

Instagram: @kat_art_strophe

Находится во Франции

Взаимодействие с другими людьми

Акриловая краска и акварель.

Caitanya_Gissele-Bautista - Gissele Baut


Titania-and-Bottom_Gissele-Bautista - Gi

Tatianna and Bottom

Aurora_painting_Gissele-Bautista - Gisse


Antigone_Gissele-Bautista - Gissele Baut




Gissele-Bautista-Painting-1 - Gissele Ba

The Crowned One

About the 


Artist: Gissele Bautista

Based in Manila, Philippines

Instagram: @artbygissele

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Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 11.23.54

My name is Gissele Bautista and I'm an artist, creative director, and designer who's currently based in the Philippines. I was an art hobbyist growing up then I pursued my fine arts degree in the University of Santo Tomas. After graduating, I've worked as a creative in the advertising industry for 15 years while pursuing my passion projects on the side - painting block printmaking, and being involved in art exhibitions. In 2020, I decided to focus more on my art. Finding beauty in which others often overlook, is what I choose to create.

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