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Hanbell Gallery

Four art collections

Artist: Irina Tall (Novikova)

Based in Moscow, Russia

Moscow and the pandemic, closed cafes, shopping centers, playgrounds fenced with a red ribbon ... Everything where access is prohibited was wrapped in a red and white banning ribbon, before it could only be found in Moscow at a construction site. But now, from this world, wonderful creatures appear, the beginning and birth of a fantasy that has no boundaries. I thought I was drawing a fantasy that suddenly came to me at night, but the project grew and became a ghost of myself.


I drew from the memories of Moscow, about the situation I once experienced, this is a personal story that I turned into a myth. It seemed to me that the pandemic itself was a ghost, but the fact that I was drawing a simple fairy tale in which you could open the door.


One phrase, like a vision, haunts me: "When the lie closes its arms, there will be no more truth ..." I think this is a kind of prophecy that needs to be remembered by others.

Two hearts

Collection: "Two hearts"

74530266_1150503055288636_5430683256108351488_o - Irina Vidzyailo.jpg

My work is an attempt to reveal my own secret, to dive deeper and see what I can do.


For me, the fabric of the narrative is always torn, it is always made up of small patches. I try to sew these pieces together by initially tearing the fabric.


My project is based on the subjective experiences that an artist who has spent a lot of time in one room can imagine.

Collection: "Story of a girl and a wolf"

Fiction and reality intersect, recent memories of the past and what happened, pages from books read and dreams and imagination.


The artist imagines himself as a half-bird with a human face, and the room and the mattress become a magical garden where other creatures live.


I am exploring my own perception and memory, I am interested in how our memory generates what happened, and embodies something that can be depicted or thought within ourselves.

IMG_20211104_022623_337 - Irina Vidzyailo.jpg

Renaissance Fish

Ink, gel pen, gouache, paper (monotype and drawing) 

About the 


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Художник: Сюзанна Табет

Базируется в Вирджинии, США.

Instagram: @

Взаимодействие с другими людьми

Взаимодействие с другими людьми

Взаимодействие с другими людьми

Я открыт для сотрудничества.

Сюзанна Табет - современная немецкая художница-абстракционистка, которая живет и работает в Фоллс-Черч, штат Вирджиния. Самоучка, она начала рисовать, когда ей было чуть больше двадцати, когда посещение галереи Тейт Модерн в Лондоне зажгло ее желание воспроизвести отчетливые абстрактные женские портреты Амедео Модильяни. Она продолжала изучать и исследовать работы других великих мастеров в области абстрактного экспрессионизма и с годами развивала и развивала свои навыки и характерный личный стиль. В центре внимания остается женская форма, которую она воплощает в жизнь с помощью контрастных цветов и смелых энергичных мазков. Ее портреты источают силу и уязвимость. По мнению Сюзанны Табет, отражение сложности, красоты и силы женщины.

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