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Hanbell Gallery

Птицы, фэнтези и портреты

Художник: Катрин Миллериу

Instagram: @kat_art_strophe

Находится во Франции

Взаимодействие с другими людьми

Акриловая краска и акварель.

The hill_Artem Pavlyukov_2021 - Alyona P

The Hill

My way_Artem Pavlyukov_2021 - Alyona Pal

My Way

Bruges_Artem Pavlyukov_2021 - Alyona Pal


Black-white cow_Artem Pavlyukov_2021 - A

Black-White Cow

Space chicken_Artem Pavlyukov_2021 - Aly

Space Chicken

Morning in Zaance Schanse_Artem Pavlyuko

Morning in Zaance Schanse

Guitar player...Artem Pavlyukov_2021 - A

Guitar Player

The race of gentlemen - 3_Artem Pavlyuko

The Race of Gentlemen-3

Motocross_Artem Pavlyukov_2021 - Alyona


Chapel in the mountains_Artem Pavlyukov_

Chapel in the Mountains

About the 


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Фото ПАВ - Alyona Palii.jpg

Artist: Artem Pavlyukov

Based in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Instagram: @art_artem_p

I am open to orders and collaborations. I am painting to order. I take part in exhibitions and competitions.

My name is Artem Pavlyukov, and I am a watercolorist from Kazakhstan. I took part in international competitions and watercolor exhibitions in Russia, Spain and other countries. I am also a two-time champion of Kazakhstan in bodybuilding and was previously a coach of many medalists in this sport. I am professionally engaged in ecological tourism, trekking and downhill skiing. He conquered several peaks of 4000 m. Previously, he ran a family business in the fashion industry. Now he completely devoted himself to painting and his family. I love to paint landscapes, seascapes, flowers and animals, retro cars, motorcycles.

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