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Inner Wanderlust

Katrina Cobb

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Katrina_Cobb_What I've Tasted Of Desire_acrylic_40x40cm_2023.jpg
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Katrina Cobb, a self-taught artist rooted in architecture and global adventures, transitioned to visual arts in 2022, finding solace and expression through painting. Her artworks, inspired by vibrant palettes discovered during travels, merge structured forms with emotive hues, serving as a means to articulate inner emotions in a discordant world. Starting with realism, her canvas transformed into a sanctuary for abstract expressionism—a departure from perfectionism and stress. Katrina's art, orchestrating emotional landscapes or memories of a specific moment, invites viewers to discover solace in structured forms entwined with vibrant expression, celebrating life's vibrancy and encouraging immersion in the woven emotions on canvas.


In my artistic exploration, I've navigated from structured realism to the liberated realms of abstract expressionism. Using heavy body acrylic paint with gel medium on stretched canvas, my technique involves a textured impasto, sculpting emotions onto the surface with a palette knife. This approach transcends the rigidity of form, mirroring my shift from the precision of architectural realms to the free-flowing world of art.

Each stroke is a rhythm of colors, guided not just by sight but also by a curated playlist, infusing the canvas with a spectrum of emotions from serenity to exuberance. This fusion creates a visual diary, capturing the essence of my worldly explorations and newfound freedom from perfectionism and entrepreneurial demands.

My vision for art goes beyond canvas and paint; it's a testament to the human spirit's yearning for expression and connection. Each artwork invites viewers to embrace the chaos of emotions, finding harmony within—an ongoing visual symphony resonating long after the gaze moves away.

My artistic approach is an emotive pilgrimage, a testimony to liberation found in the uncharted territories of self-expression and the boundless expanse of inner landscapes.

Katrina Cobb
BASED IN San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
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