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Internal Sensor

Hanzhi Zhong

London, United Kingdom

Hanzhi Zhong “Internal Censor 4” Monoprint 297x420mm 2023 550 dollars.jpeg
Hanzhi Zhong.jpg

Hanzhi Zhong (b. 1999) is a Chinese artist based in London. She graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in illustration in 2022 and then completed the MA in Illustration at the Kingston University in 2023. She primarily works with the mediums of painting, printmaking, animation, and sculpture. Inspired by her spiritual exploration related to life and nature, Hanzhi explores the expression of humanity's various emotions in her artwork.


Hanzhi Zhong's art is a journey into the depths of the soul, weaving through various mediums such as painting and printmaking. She skillfully crafts pieces that evoke spiritual resonance, inviting viewers into poetic realms where emotions flow freely. Often featuring the human form and skeleton, her work symbolizes a desire for deconstruction. "I attempt to strip away the flesh, touching upon the shape of the soul." Figures in her art appear contemplative, gazing into the unknown, mirroring the artist's introspection and exploration of life's meaning. Her creations transcend boundaries, exploring the interconnectedness of all beings with nature. Through meticulous detail and profound symbolism, Hanzhi's art captures life's beauty and complexity, leading viewers on a journey of self-discovery and connection with the infinite.

Hanzhi Zhong
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