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Flowing Landscapes

Vanessa Onuk

Frankfurt, Germany


Vanessa Onuk was born and grew up in and around Frankfurt am Main. While she was fortunate throughout her entire childhood to grow up with an artist as an uncle and to be supported in this area at school, her 
professional path initially took her into medicine. In 2022, she began to take her painting to a professional level. While she had a clear vision from the start regarding the technique of her pictures - using acrylic paint at different levels of wetness to achieve layers in different textures and strong color gradients and bleeding colors - the question of how to achieve this goal arose early on.  So, she began to follow her inner scientist and experimented with different canvas substrates to achieve the desired result. Since then, she has worked almost exclusively on 
pure, unprimed linen. This allows for the perfect mix of bleeding colors, random gradients and precise applications. Individual differences can always be achieved through different thicknesses, resulting in a unique vintage finish. My abstract landscapes are intended to capture a moment in which we want to linger because the sight, the light, the color or the silhouette of an environment captivates us and we want to absorb it.

My own observation of my works is not about subtleties and details, but rather I reduce them to shapes, colors and feelings. The details arise from previous experiences and memories of the viewer themselves; our minds are always looking for associations and connections with what we have already experienced, so that looking at the images offers a - sometimes - unique experience for the viewer. The intuition of my pictures is to give the viewer a framework, the emotions and memories with which the viewer associates them arise individually.


Vanessa Onuk is a self-taught artist living and working in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. Since my childhood, I have had a great fascination for abstract art with bleeding colors and transparent layers. In order to be able to achieve these effects in my own pictures, I started covering my own canvases with organic cotton or linen and am therefore flexible in terms of the sizes of 
individual commissioned works. My technique is to apply acrylic paint in layers with different degrees of coverage and pre-watering of the canvas as well as pre-watering the acrylic paint. This allows unique effects - natural, organic color gradients, color bleeding and color transitions - to be created in contrast to sharp lines and geometric figures. I specialize in painting abstract landscapes and figurative representations and am particularly fascinated by large-scale formats when it comes to landscape paintings. The organic canvas leaves a matte finish, which reveals a unique surface texture up close and creates a beautiful vintage effect as the paint sinks into the canvas rather than resting on it.

Vanessa Onuk
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