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Reflections of a Raw Beauty

Shelina Khimji


Reflections of a raw beauty2023mixedmedia40by30cm Khimji_Mixedmedia.jpg

Shelina Khimji is an award winning, Tanzanian self-taught artist and a Chartered accountant. She has been featured on CNN style, The National UAE to name a few. She has participated in a talk show for a UK based TV channel. She has also participated in various physical and virtual exhibitions held in Tanzania, Dubai, London, New York, LA, Athens and Mauritius. She uses acrylics and water mixable oil colours, graphite and mixed media as well as experiment with new media. She loves to create works that call for participation of the audience just as her involvement in it. She loves to paint everything under the sun. From spectacular landscapes, to dhows in crashing waves frozen in time, narrow streets with local culture as well as women’s portraiture. She appreciates culture and it forms an important element in her work such as bicycles, dhows, local people and coffee vendors, lamp posts as well as sophisticated ballerinas because of her fascination to ballerinas as a kid. She believes in touching everyone’s hearts with her paintings by reminding them of a place, a moment, a memory, a thought, a fantasy or purely fit a certain aesthetic just to warm the human soul.


Shelina Khimji - Art has allowed me to dip my brush into my soul and paint away my fantasies. The imaginary places and dreams that I express on the canvas permit me to lose myself and fulfil my inner longings by bringing them alive in a painting. Colour is also my powerful symbolism as it reflects my happy persona and my ideal world imagery.

Shelina Khimji
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