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Poppy in time. Come by, come by



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Sandy Lang is a self taught figurative artist based in Germany and developed her work for several years before she felt ready to show her paintings to a public world outside of her own studio. After attending group exhibitions in Berlin, Prag, Portugal and Florida her first solo exhibition „Entourage of Light“ came into being, which took place in Berlin in 2016. Besides her own projects, she also worked in arty collaborations, including production design for two short films and joined a temporary art group working on the myth of Marsyas. Over the last years she was able to take part in several group exhibitions and to be featured in magazines and art directories. Currently Sandy is creating a large collection of figurative paintings on the topic of human attitudes towards strange encounters which is planned as a solo show for next year.


Focused on the ambivalent inbetween, Sandy Lang imagines figures as allegories of the human condition. They incarnate her search for a storyline in everything, narrating the dualism of being human in figurative paintings of shadow and light. Being influenced by the dark fairy tales of her childhood, poetry, symbolistic art and historical pictures, she places recurring figures and symbols in imagined settings to create an allegoric narrative. Her work is a very personal approach to themes she deals with: feelings and relations, ideas and experiences, dreams and memories. Unveiling them while still being hidden inside their symbolic language, is her way of examining herself and life, making sense of things observed and concerned of. Her work is an attempt to understand the dualism she feels regarding the human condition, asking: how can we be so weird? How can humans be both, utterly tender, full of beauty and love, music and poetry and at the same time capable of being totally cruel towards each other, their surroundings, themselves? Discerning this question in the idea of love - or its absence, her paintings express this ambivalence in strong dark and light colours.


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