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Self Portrait, 2023

Albert John Belmont

New Hampshire


Albert John Belmont is a New Hampshire-based artist working since the mid 1990s where he studied painting and illustration in Boston. His work has most recently been exhibited in galleries in New York and Boston, and he is featured in the Winter 2024 edition of Modern Renaissance Magazine. His work can be viewed at or on Instagram (@belmont_aj).


Since the mid 1990s, Albert John Belmont's art has focused on the deconstruction of subjects to critical elements – line and color – to communicate form and emotion. Today, he continues to advance this approach — discovering the minimal and essential information in subjects, focusing on color decisions and which lines are necessary to portray the way he experiences a moment, topic, or subject. Since 2020, his drawings and oil paintings have delved into autobiographical explorations of spaces, sleep, quiet experiences, and key memories.

Albert John Belmont
BASED IN New Hampshire

@belmont_aj (instagram)
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