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Featuring 15 artists globally in an exploration of introspection


Featured Artists: 

Siddharta Katragadda, Sara Di Donato, Yooyeon Nam, Julia Lambright, Chase Iech, Brynne Rardin, Ziyue Tang, Anna Mays, Abby Wang, Sandra Cavanagh, Ann-Marie Brown, Rei Torlak, Brooke Ripley, Hattie Phillips, Kimberly Nyugen


With every coming generation we have been given new ways to document ourselves and our lives. What began as a way to look back on milestones with those close to us has developed into recording everyday happenings. The most mundane occurrences are now an opportunity to share ourselves with people we know, or don't. Artists have long given us examples of self-portraiture, and evidence of a continuing desire to capture their environments and perspectives. Finding individuality in an ever-growing and uncharted territory of self-documentation is imperative, urging us to evaluate the imitable qualities of our personal experiences. This exhibition seeks to redirect our gaze from an over-saturated pool of daily life, and focus on our efforts to preserve ourselves truthfully.


The works in the exhibition, centered on figuration and portraiture, explore the intricacies of human existence in a world dominated by mechanisms to avoid introspection. These works highlight expressions of the psyche, portraying individuals grappling with the task of capturing themselves inside their reality. Each ‘portrait’ depicted encapsulates personal reflection, perception, and understanding. Together, they are embodiments of a collective narrative, inviting viewers to look inward and contemplate what it takes to capture their essence, and what they would use to share it.


The tension between aspirations that align with current modernizations and the desire for self-preservation, echoes the dichotomy of our longing for technological process and the innate human need for stability and connection. The portraits depicted are not frozen in time but capture moments of sensitivity and attachment toward their chosen subject matter.


Executive Director: Isabell Sliwinski

Chief Curator: Adele Flamand Browne

Senior Curator: Kimberly Fabbri

Curatorial Apprentice: Yun Ye

Marketing Coordinator: Connor Lane



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Artists on

Siddharta Katragadda 

San Diego, CA, US

Photo on 5-23-16 at 2.40 PM #2.jpg

Sara Di Donato

Brockport, NY, US

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Yooyeon Nam

Brooklyn, NY, US


Julia Lambright

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


Abby Wang

Campbell, CA, US

Sandra Cavanagh_Portrait.jpg

Sandra Cavanagh

Brooklyn, New York

Ann-Marie at the beach.jpg

Ann-Marie Brown

Gibsons, BC, Canada

2021-12-15 17_55_36.568 copy.jpg

Rei Xiao

Istanbul & New York


Chase Lech

United States

Brynne Rardin.jpeg

Brynne Rardin

Washington, DC


Ziyue Tang

Savannah, GA, US


Anna Mays

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Brooke Ripley.jpg

Brooke Ripley

Athens, OH, US


Hattie Phillips

Athens, OH, US

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 8.10.28 PM.png

Kimberly Nyugen

Chicago, IL, US


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