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Hanbell Gallery

Simulating Humanity

Artist: Tabet

Based in Lebanon

The collective human consciousness is a strange experience that we know very little about. In these modern times where connection seems to fade into digital screens, our world feels as distorted as ever. When connection is as easy and reachable as ever, we find ourselves disconnected, estranged and distant from reality and our person. Questioning this reality we experience in an extreme manner. In a world where we create virtual realities and artificial intelligence, we ourselves, could easily be a program in a computer; with that in mind we find ourselves to be in a digital age more than we even perceive. Tabet's work embraces the thought of our disconnected virtual reality and the many malfunctions that come with it.

Afternoon walk



Industrialized 1

Industrialized 2

Self portrait


About the 


Artist: Tabet

Based in Lebanon

I am open to collaborations or commissions.

Maria Tabet is a Fine Arts Masters graduate, she graduated with an honor award for educational excellence from Aura Union. She has worked with local and international Art fairs such as Beirut Art Fair and MACAM. She has exhibited in several collective exhibitions around the country: Biennale 2019: Universal Data-AAlita, Georges Cheriff Gallery, Jdeideh Municipality, and the first international symposium in Zouk Mikael. She works with a wide range of mediums but they all dive deeply into the same subject: Human consciousness.

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