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Hanbell Gallery


Artist: Mali Shirazian

Based in Istanbul, Turkey 

I believe that art is my communication language with the world. You'll be amazed by seeing the unique artworks of mine which I added lots of spirit and emotions on them. 

Pisces Joy (20220501071805) - Mali Shirazian.png
Patriot (20220501035015) - Mali Shirazian.jpg

Pisces Joy


Pisces (20220515033759) - Mali Shirazian.png
Warrior (20220521034421) - Mali Shirazian.png



Wolverine  - Mali Shirazian.jpg


Solar eyed  - Mali Shirazian.png

Solar eyed  

Melancholic  - Mali Shirazian.jpg


About the 

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Screenshot_20220405-150029_Instagram - Mali Shirazian.jpg

Artist: Mali Shirazian

Based in Istanbul, Turkey

Instagram: @maliart_2

I am open to collaborations.

Mali shirazian is an Irainian self-thought artist who was born in Tehran - Iran and  lives in Istanbul- Turkey Since 2014. Her expressive paintings were exhibitied in different places such as Tehran, Kish Island, Rome & Istanbul with great achievements & awards. Since 2018 She has started digital drawing & recently she is active as an NFT Artist on different platforms such as opensea.

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