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Hanbell Gallery


Artist: Ana Maria Guta

Based in Constanta, Romania

The theme of the collection is one that is most often found in almost every part of my artworks and also the color green -which is about life force, rebirth, aliveness and finding my inner self.


I try to analyze the hidden parts of our identities, through an immersive experience inside the universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness.


My paintings speaks not only for me, but for people who are in a deep process of transformation, and who are seeking to find life again.

Temple of desires

Temple of desires

About the 


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Ana Maria Guta was born in Onesti, Bacau, Romania in 1990, shortly after the fall of communism, and lives in Constanta, Romania. She spent her childhood in the countryside with her adoptive grandparents, who gave her a lot of unconditional love and the freedom to explore nature and to establish authentic relationships with the environment. She seeks solitude, inner peace and comprehension in nature. She studies Natural Sciences at the “Vasile Alecsandri National College”, Bacau, Romania.  She enrolls in Journalism and Mass Communications courses at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza University”. After two years, Ana quits because she can not express herself as she would have liked, and does not want to be part of a world where there seems to be less ethical values and truth. “I remember wanting to be more when I was little, but the first word I said to the curious people who asked me this question was painter. Then came the nun, the skater, the doctor ( but I was afraid of blood ), the journalist and the gymnast," says Ana. As a teenager, Ana Maria, worked in different fields, learns new skills, where she seeks to be able to express herself through creativity and to serve human interests. After giving up a career in a multinational fine jewellery company in 2019 she decided that she needed to express herself doing what she loves the most, what her soul loves, express what she feels, thinks and tell her own truth. Thus, she pursues her childhood desire to be a painter and also a holistic energy therapist, which can be interpreted as a meeting between a nun and a doctor. The paths of destiny are mysterious.

Ana wants to contribute to changing the world for the better, to inspire and give love, courage and hope through her art and to give compassion and help through holistic energy therapy as many people as possible. In the field of the art, Ana Maria Guta is a self-taught artist. As an emerging artist, Ana seeks to explore more about the universe, consciousness, divinity, life journey and energy around and inside us. The visions, dreams and feelings are transposed in a very expressive way that shares the emotion energy of that unique present moment creation to the viewer, to send him into another world, without any kind of limitations. She loves to analyze the hidden parts of our indentities, through an immersive experience inside the universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness. The influences found in her art are from abstract art, nature, spirituality, the Universe, works by Vincent van Gogh, science, abstract expressionism, conceptual art and contemporary art.

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