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Which Type of Acrylic Paint Is Best For You?

Come along! and gain a further understanding of acrylics:

  • Professional Grade: Deepest pigmentation, best available, best purchase, finest colors, and great mixing

  • Craft Grade: Least pigmentation, affordable, quite viscous, and color mixing is ineffective

  • Student Grade: Crafted by professional brands, quality pigmentation, quality mixing, excellent middle ground, more affordable than professional quality.

If you are drawn to painting, give it a go!

Heavy Body Acrylic

Like soft butter at room temperature. Especially with professional quality. Excellent for texturizing and also for smooth application onto canvas.

Fluid Acrylic (Soft Body)

The similarity between craft paint and fluid acrylics stops at the richness and depth of color. The depth is there, and the vibrancy is present in fluid acrylics of professional quality. Excellent for use with glossy or matte medium (Shiny or flat).

Gloss Medium

This medium can be mixed with either heavy or soft body acrylics. No matter what, when dry, gloss medium coats a piece with a solid translucent or semi-translucent sheen/gloss. Great also for collage.

Matte Medium

This medium is much the same as gloss medium, just without the glossy/shiny finish. Instead, we’ll have a flat finish, without the addition of a shiny look. Great for collage.


If you are new to painting, it is always good to begin your exploration with color. A good place to begin is with craft acrylic paints. To experiment with colors, and play. There is a wide array of color to choose from, and as you grow in familiarity with paints, you can begin to use student or professional acrylics whenever you'd like. If you are drawn to painting, give it a go!

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