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Mapping Reality

 Featuring 9 Artists From Around the World

Mapping Reality



Featured Artists: 

Alan Perry, Blair Simmons, Dora Mejía, Héritier Bilaka, Isaiah Rivera, Ivan Kanchev, Pincel Galactic, Silvia Pepe, Trinity Clay. 


Media and culture today are of central importance to the maintenance and reproduction of contemporary societies. Media cultivates attitudes and behavior, integrate individuals into a specific socio-economic system, provide role and gender models, fashion hints, lifestyle images, and icons of personality. Media engages people in practices which integrate them into the established society, while offering pleasures, meanings, and identities.


Since the media are now the major controllers of narrative production and consumption in the Western world, the stories that seem the most 'natural' are the ones which the media have accustomed us. In a world dominated by print and electronic media, our sense of reality is increasingly structured by narrative. How can we imagine our future? Hard to imagine. New technologies certainly have and will certainly have a predominant impact on the way human beings perceive reality and life their life experiences. In a world where technological means seem to be able to solve any type of problem and achieve the impossible, what are the future prospects? Wanting to express your desires, what is the ideal world? How can we describe the ideal world and grasp its differences with what we can consider our normality? What does normality mean? Is it possible to define normality in a world where diversity reigns supreme? These questions are the basis of the Mapping Reality exhibition. 


Executive Director: Isabell Sliwinski

Chief Curator: Ana Catarina Bizarro

Senior Curator: Kimberly Fabbri

Curatorial Apprentice: Adèle Flamand-Browne

Marketing Coordinator: Connor Lane

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AVAILABLE NOW! Catalog will be available for purchase on October 13th.
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