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Hanbell Gallery

Laboratory of Feelings: Sheep's Confessions

Artist: Eriks Gringuts

Based in Glasgow, Scotland

Someone once said that suffering flows through life like water. Suffering is somehow undeniable reality of existence. Through the pain we come into this world and through the pain we leave it. In its deepest sense suffering is beginning of every personal story in this universe of tormented and agonized beings. This imagery is searching for beginning. Beginning of personal story, what is also the story of the generation. Of the generation, what grew up at the feet of the shuttered empire, agonizing beyond iron curtain, and experienced adolescence and youth on its ruins. Of the generation, what is prone to self-destruction and cynicism, even nihilism, driven by principle of fleshly pleasures infused with necessity for self punishment, thus tranquilising pain caused by surrounding world of confusion and flux. Everything in this generation lives on very border of opposites.

002_KODAK T-MAX 100_051_[300dpi-140x140mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg

Star Shines Nice and Bright

KD[DG][PIELIK][D3][03APR21]_1777[300DPI-170x227mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg


KD[DG][PIELIK][D1][01APR21]_0424[300DPI-170x227mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg

Survival Kit #2: Freedom

006_KODAK EKTAR 100_009_[300dpi-140x140mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg

Metaphysical Starvation

001_KODAK EKTAR 25_016_[300dpi-140x211]mm - Mr Gringuts.jpg

Sex, Drugs & Lenin

KD[DG][PIELIK][D4][04APR21]_2041[300DPI-140x140mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg

The Spinning Thing

KD[DG][PIELIK][D4][04APR21]_2005[300DPI-140x140mm] - Mr Gringuts (1).jpg

Dead Fish

001_KODAK EKTAR 25_012_[300dpi-140x95mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg

Hand of God

KD[DG][PIELIK][D6][06APR21]_2939[300DPI-170x227mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg

Between Heaven and Hell

006_KODAK EKTAR 100_004_[300dpi-140x208mm] - Mr Gringuts.jpg

Survival Kit #1: Salvation

About the 

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Artist: Eriks Gringuts

Based in Glasgow, Scotland

Instagram: @gringuts

Open for commissions, collaborations and commercial work.

My story started to spin back in 1980 in the world that exists no more. I came in this world in a remote hospital beyond the iron curtain into one of many grey and standardized soviet families. Through life my interest in art was indefinite and intuitive, tied with Andersen’s tales, Giger’s imageries and Witkin’s mise-en-scenes. These dark, personal realities were my early allies through the loneliness of childhood years and the detachment of boyhood in 90’s - the time of the collapse of the empire and exposure to free world with all its addictive and exhausting freedoms. I was well in my thirties when I realised that visual language and expression is the way to unravel one’s personal narrative, one’s story, one’s memories, dreams, desires and torments. My work is born out of the tragicomic aspects of human life, out of the forbidden energies which culture has battled since the dawn of humanity. It is a search for a narrow territory – territory between individual unconsciousness and collective consciousness, territory of being between self, instincts, desires, inclinations, perversions, dogmas, rules, culture and society.

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