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Hanbell Gallery

Gothenburg 400 Years 2021

Artist: Emin

Instagram: @emin_fine_art Facebook: Emin Fine Art

Based in: Gothenburg Sweden

Gothenburg in watercolor

Sweden 10.png

Tyska Kyrkan

Sweden 1.png

Gustav Adolfs Torg, Goteborg

Sweden 9.png


Sweden 7.png


Sweden 5.png


Sweden 6.png


Sweden 8.png


Sweden 2.png
Sweden 3.png
Sweden 4.png


Har Ska Staden Ligga




I live on the west coast of Sweden in Gothenburg, the city often called the gateway to Scandinavia. It is often said that a good watercolor requires a marked contrast between light and dark, warm and cold colors, soft and sharp lines, and that's exactly what the cities of the world offer. A tram in the mist of a rainy morning, contrasts of a sunny day, a skyscraper that blocks the view, a river shrouded in mist, long shadows of people at dusk, a line of cars at the red traffic light, calm afternoons in the suburbs - the list of themes seems endless.

I use all different kinds of techniques, from pencil and charcoal to acrylic paints and oil although I prefer watercolor because it does not always do what the paintbrush and the painter want, but chooses its own path on the paper and tells the story which no one could have envisaged.

My atelier is in the attic of my family house where I work and share the destiny of many artists from all over the world: loneliness and insecurity but at the same time happiness and a feeling of deep contentment with the result when I make the final brush stroke and say to myself: "This is it." I will be more than happy to share with you the world seen through my eyes.

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