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Painting Class

Current Community Outreach Projects

Browse virtual volunteer opportunities in arts advocacy or using your artistic talents for the social good! Students can get service hours verified. To join a project, visit the volunteer dashboard below, and click "join" to access involvement and submission instructions.



"The Mutagens"
An Anthology

for Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid

This anthology is a fundraiser for Ukrainian aid. 100% of profits will be donated to humanitarian aid charities by Culturally Arts Collective.


The Mutagens is a 118-page anthology of art, poetry, and writings created by the people, for the people. Curated and gathered by Culturally Arts Collective. A world full of injustice and fear gave birth to original paintings, poems, and writing, 37 authors take us on a journey through their worlds in which they stand up against the inflicting pain caused by others through the trauma ingrained in the war zones of memories of it. Artists coming from over 12 different countries share their perspectives through the best medium of expression available -- their souls themselves, wrapped in an art piece that came through in this collection. The voice of people gives us hope in its rawest form, showing that we, humans, can survive any threat to our own existence and despite our differences we will come united and stronger to overcome anything we need.



Weekly Children's Art Classes with
Community Partners

Home of the Innocents is a nonprofit children’s nursing home that looks after neglected kids and fosters them with the care they should receive if they are unable to remain in the care of their families. Culturally Arts Collective has partnered with Home of the Innocents to bring their kids the opportunity to do art through the Virtual Art Workshops. Every week, students join a zoom call and engage with a bit of art history, after which they draw or paint their own works inspired by what they learnt from the lesson. The students experiment with color, drawing and sketching techniques and creative skills which they might not have had the chance to do so before. One of Culturally Arts Collective missions is to increase arts accessibility and provide everyone with access to some form of art, and this partnership with Home of the Innocents is one further step in achieving that mission.

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Art From the Heart

Create cards with any design and an uplifting message! We will virtually send them to children's hospitals, nursing homes, and senior centers!

Service hours available! Get 30 minutes per card

Brighten someone's day and help us reach our goal of sending 1,000 cards! Send in cards at any time. Current theme: Valentine's Day

Email images of your cards to


Spring Arts Contest

Painting Studio

Welcome to the Spring Arts Competition hosted by Culturally Arts Collective. During this competition people can feature their work in any artistic discipline. Get creative with this competition! Submit from around the world of any age! Submissions are due March 15th! You are allowed to submit up to two pieces of work. All submissions will be displayed in a specially curated Community Gallery collection! 

1st place: A solo 360-degree view exhibition in our Milostka Center for Exhibition or internship in any department. 2nd place: Internship in any department or Modern Renaissance magazine cover feature. 3rd place: multi-page interview spread for Modern Renaissance magazine.  

Dance Instructor



International Mentorships for Arts Education: Educate with Purpose. Create with Impact.


Sign up for VIRTUAL one-on-one or small group artistic mentorship! ANYONE OF ANY AGE FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Mentorships are conducted in English with limited programs in Spanish.


Mentors are professional, pre-professional, working, certified, or degreed educators with ample training and credentials. Programs available for youth, students, and adults in dance, art, music, film, and writing! Work on your artistic portfolio, practice, technique, preparation for the industry, and more.


Personalize your own mentorship experience based on what you want to work on or learn! You'll be matched with someone who shares your area of expertise. Mentors and mentees will communicate directly after being matched and can determine which days to meet, will you be working synchronously or asynchronously, what to plan for, etc. You can work through Zoom meetings, online communication, email, file transfers, etc. SEE MORE DETAILS AND APPLICATIONS BELOW!



Artist in Art Studio

Create resources for K-12 arts education of any artistic discipline. In partnership with schools and children's center across the world, create packets, lesson plans, instructional materials, curriculum integrations, lesson activities, professional development resources, and more!

Paper Activities for Children's Hospital Packages

Get service hours for digitally creating and designing mini activity booklets to be included in packages for children's hospitals. These will be arts education themed, yet must be entertaining for children. Each booklet will consist of a page folded into fourths (8 pages). Get 3 hours for each booklet.


K-12 Educational Resources

Get service hours for creating K-12 educational resources. This can be arts education instructional materials, such as lesson plans or class activities, designed for educators. You can also create student resources, such as video lessons, interactive activities, informational materials, etc. designed for direct learning. Get 1-4 service hours for each contribution. These can be created for any grade level age group and any artistic discipline: art, photography, film, drama, writing, poetry, music, singing, dance, performance theory, or art history.

AP/IB Class Study Guides

Create AP/IB class study guides or instructional materials. Get 5 service hours for every unit for which you create a study guide. You can create document study guides, note sets, videos, interactive materials, or any educational resource.

Applicable classes include AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design, AP Drawing, AP Art History, AP Music Theory, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Compositon, and IB dance, music, film, theater, visual arts.

To become an education resource creator, you must fill out the quick application be accepted. To access the application, go to groups and find the corresponding one, and fill out the prompted questions. Within the group, you can connect with other members, get updates, and share ideas.

Portrait with a Book


Children's Booklets

Get service hours for digitally creating and designing mini activity booklets to be included in packages for children's hospitals. These will be arts education themed, yet must be entertaining for children. Each booklet will consist of a page folded into fourths (8 pages). Get 3 hours for each booklet.

Painting Class

Past Community Outreach Projects

ballet Show


Christmas From
Mexico: A Ballet 

Missed the magic of a show live on stage? Look no further! Support the arts his holiday season by immersing yourself in a professional production Christmas dance concert. *THIS IS A VIRTUAL EVENT VIA ZOOM! JOIN US VIRTUALLY FROM AROUND THE WORLD! THE SHOW IS A LIVE STREAM OF THE IN-PERSON STAGE PERFORMANCE LIVE FROM PUEBLA, MEXICO.


"X-MAS FROM MEXICO" Performance Synopsis: 


Lupita is very sad because she is alone, she is a poor girl and lives in the streets of Mexico City…she is homeless. Christmas….she does not understand why people celebrate all that. She has no idea what it means to see so much color, so much abundance in both food and gifts.


On the eve of Christmas, the spirit of the past manifests itself to Lupita to show her the traditions, how they were and how they should prevail over time.


The spirit of Christmas present is responsible for showing Lupita how people have changed traditions and focus more on the material. It teaches you what really matters, it teaches you a lesson in the true meaning of Christmas.


When the spirit of the future appears to Lupita, Lupita sees herself grown up. Trying to enforce the traditions that the spirit of the past showed her, so as not to have to live Christmas as the spirit of the present taught her and all of us.

Principal Dancers: (For a complete cast list, visit the program attached to your tickets emailed after registration)


Zoe Sampedro - Young Lupita

Giovanna Goncor - Spirit of the present xmas

Annette Nevares - Spirit of future xmas

Danae Buendia - Spirit of past xmas

Nahomi Valencia - Grown Lupita


Culturally Arts Collective, a US-based international arts advocacy non-profit, is proud to support international arts advocacy as a sponsorship partner to Compañia Mexicana de la Danza Puebla. 


Clara and the Land
of the Sweets

Ballet Dancers

Culturally Arts Collective presents "Clara and the Land of the Sweets" (The Nutcracker Act II)

DECEMBER 19, 2020 |  12 pm EST   | virtual over Zoom

Attention dancers of ANY STYLE! Are you eager for another performance opportunity to add to your resume or share in the spirit of the holidays? Join Culturally's production of "Clara and the Land of the Sweets" (The Nutcracker Act 2). The final performance will be held over Zoom, and you will dance live. Work on your solo on your own time! You can dance in any style (ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop, ethnic, and more) to the Nutcracker music by Tchaikovsky or any version of the Nutcracker's score including remixes, inspired tracks, or original renditions. 


Attention MUSICIANS! Musicians of ANY instrument can perform any of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker pieces, or an inspired piece that fits the theme. You will perform live.

Divertissement scenes include: angels, Spanish, Arabian, Russian, Chinese, mirlitons, flowers, Sugarplum, Clara, the Nutcracker 


It is FREE for dancers and musicians to participate, and audience members can watch the performance for FREE. 

The purpose of this perfomance is to advocate for accessibility in the arts. Students can get service hours!

Sheet Music


Virtual Caroling for
Senior Centers

Attention middle and high school and college students from around the world! Join us virtually to sing holiday carols for senior centers and nursing homes in the United States! Looking for singers and musicians. Anyone of any skill level can participate. You will be sent the setlist of holiday classic songs. We will sing as a group, but there may be solo opportunities.


Come join us to spread some holiday cheer to the elderly during these hard times when they may not get visits due to Covid-19 restrcitions. Email us your videos to culturallyoffice

Service Hours Available! Video compilations will be sent virtually.

Dance Class


Arts for Advocacy

- Culturally's Fall Arts Competition -

Use your power as an artist to advocate for social justice, cultural education, or your favorite causes. Your topic options are endless! Examples include global warming, environmental causes, your native culture, social advocacy, humanitarian and global affairs, current events, and more!

Educate the public on your topic through the themes in the work and a short description. All works will be displayed in a special virtual gallery! All ages and nationalities are welcome to enter!​

The overall winner will receive a one-hour contemporary painting private art lesson with Brazilian world-renown professional artist and exhibitionist Tito Oliveria in November, and their cause will be prominently displayed on our website. Judges: Michael Russel (United States), Olga Nadtochaeva (Russia), and Lukas Weitzhofer (Austria)

Submissions are due November 15, 2020! 


Spring 2021 Art Contest

Still Life Painting

Welcome to the Spring Art Competition hosted by Culturally Arts Collective. During this competition people can feature their work in any artistic discipline. Get creative with this competition! Submit from around the world of any age by May 28th! Please keep in mind that you are only allowed to submit two pieces of work that you want to be featured in our virtual showcase which will be on June 5th, 2021 at 2 pm EST. 

During COVID we really want to include everyone in this competition and have some fun. This competition will be really creative and you will meet lots of new friends! During our showcase event, all work will be curated into a 360-degree view gallery by our professional curatorial affairs team! Winners will be determined by our Director of Curatorial Affairs.

Purpose Statement: Through this difficult time we encourage everyone to be apart of this competition. You can produce any art you want. For example, you can record a piece of music and then you can be in the competition! 

There will be four tiers of winners. Prizes include: a private art class, joining our team in any department, LinkedIn endorsement, certificates, and more. 

Thank you everyone for your interest and we look forward to sharing your pieces during our showcase. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us through email We wish you a great journey being creative and see you soon!

Young Dancers in Ballet Class


Ballet Beyond

Youth Beginner Ballet Small Group Mentorship

Organized by our Latinamerican Education Division (*anyone from around the world is welcome to register)

Spring instruction runs from April 10-June 26 with recital on July 3

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.18.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.18.51 AM.png

Program Mission

With international arts education mentoring programs, Culturally is dedicated to transforming international arts education for all ages, regardless of socioeconomic status, available resources, or level of practice. At Culturally, we pride ourselves on providing high-level, age-appropriate dance education. We strive to provide state-of-the-art instruction for students of all levels in a positive and safe environment. They help students develop life skills such as discipline and determination while promoting a positive self image.

Mentorship Logistics

  • Clases are conducted in SPANISH (this program is part of our Latinamerican division, but anyone from around the world can join)

  • FREE instruction for beginners 5-10 years old

  • Virtually on Zoom

  • Saturdays 2 pm - 2:45 pm

  • Classes with personal attention in small groups

  • Session will run every Saturday from April-June

  • All 12 weeks will have technique instruction, but the last month, dancers will learn a recital piece to perform the last week

About Ballet

The purpose of the dance class is to introduce young dancers to ballet techniques and to inspire movement and creativity in a positive environment. Dancers will learn appropriate steps for their level and appropriate terminology in the Alonso (Cuban) tradition, including the use of foot positions, arm movements, twists, jumps, hops, etc. For example, all dancers will learn what a "plié" is and how to demonstrate one.

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 8.54.02 PM.png


Art From the Heart

Throughout December 2020, we will be offering FREE VIRTUAL art classes where participants will learn techniques and create a their own art piece. At the end of the class, write a motivational message on your artwork and email it to, and we will send the virtual cards to children's hospitals and nursing homes! You can get service hours for attending the classes and sending in a card!

We accept cards year round! Email us your designs with an uplifting message to For every 3 cards you send in, you can get 1 service hour.


Thank you for brightening someone's day and helping make a difference in their life.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN ART FROM THE HEART'S AUGUST WORKSHOPS! We sent over 300 cards to children's hospitals and nursing homes! 

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