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Around the World Collection

Artist: Traci Findley ​

Based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA

Dealing with the crisis of Covid has been a collective experience; a global effect. Regardless of race, religion, or creed, we’ve had to try to adapt to the many layers of challenges, both physically and psychologically.

These children from around the world are to represent the myriad of emotions while living through a pandemic. Even those smiling. I think we can all agree there are some things, even of the smallest significance, we can truly appreciate on a higher level.

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Heart of a Child

Pure of Heart


Hanbell Gallery

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About the 


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Artist: Traci Findley

Based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA

Instagram: @artworkbytracifindley


Open to commissions. For further inquiry, contact Traci via social media at @artworkbytracifindley or email her at

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Traci Findley is an eclectic artist who has been creating unique paintings in Lee’s Summit, Missouri for many years. She specializes in portraits with spiritual overtones. Her preferred medium are a vibrant blend of acrylic and pastel chalk on gallery linen stretched canvas.


Traci’s artistic philosophy is simple: Art needs to evoke emotion equal to its subject.

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