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An Assortment of People

Artist: Giancarlo Puppo

'The Window's Secret' and 'The Building and its Owners' contrast images of buildings and constructions against the ones of nature.  Wild animals shown on 'Couple Watching an Armadillo' and 'Armadillo, Observer and the Underground Secret' while 'Don Ramiro's Glory', 'Red Table and Guests', and 'Birthday' depict domestic ceremonies.

Building and its Owners - Giancarlo Puppo.jpg

Building and its owners

Don Ramiro's Glory - Giancarlo Puppo.jpeg

Don Ramiro's Glory

RED TABLE AND GUESTS - Giancarlo Puppo.jpeg

Red table and guests

THE WiNDOWS SECRET - Giancarlo Puppo.jpg

The window's Secret

Couple watching and armadillo - Giancarlo Puppo.JPG

Couple watching an armadillo

BIRTHDAY - Giancarlo Puppo.jpg


Armadillo, observer, and the underground secret - Giancarlo Puppo.JPG

Armadillo, observer, and the underground secret

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foto G.Puppo 2010 - Giancarlo Puppo.JPG

Artist: Giancarlo Puppo

Instagram: @giancarlopuppoartista

Giancarlo Puppo was born in Rome, Italy, on November 28, 1938. In 1947 his family moved to Latin America. He is an architect and artist working in the Americas and Europe. He studied in Argentina and Uruguay, acquiring a doctorate in both countries as an architect. In 1961 he traveled to Europe which would later determine his language and his interests in different fields. He has started to publish short stories and novels accompanied by paintings and continues to carry out art projects. The paintings and buildings of artist-architect Giancarlo Puppo speak with one voice. Both address the issue of inner structure. For more than sixty years Puppo has been consumed by how things function, relationships as they pertain to people and to the spaces they occupy, and exterior appearance defined by interior truths. But to say he "speaks" is perhaps inaccurate because direct visual expression without an oral component is his preferred form of communication. Puppo thinks and articulates his feelings directly through his tools and materials. As Prof. Caleb Ives Back has said about the artist: "Puppo was born with a scattered horizon: like an astronaut he confuses vertical and horizontal. When he was a child, he started drawing a house, then a city, the drawings were not straight -but he insisted on that, rebelling against that straight line that enslaved him in the School of Architecture. …color after color he discovers the Americas and he invites us to participate in an unlimited “retable” where is not absent the homesickness for the “siennas” of his native Rome -entering the magic of this labyrinth is worthwhile because this Puppo is one the infrequent sorcerers that we can call artists.  

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