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Hanbell Gallery

Abstract Time Tablets

Artist: John Boudreau

Based in Los Angeles, USA

This is a collection of intuitive abstract artwork created by John Boudreau for Artist in Residence. This time with a different series.

Untitled Fumage Drawing - John Boudreau.jpg

Fumage Drawing

Socrates - John Boudreau.jpg
Internal - John Boudreau.jpg



Lands of the Sky - John Boudreau.jpg
John_Boudreau_Water Carrier_Acrylic Canvas_16hx20w_2020 - John Boudreau.jpg

Water Carrier

Transmuting - John Boudreau.jpg


Lands of the Sky 

Element of Nature - John Boudreau.jpg
Turning into Spring - John Boudreau.jpg

Turning into Spring

Interstellar Clouds - John Boudreau.jpg

Interstellar Clouds

Element of Nature

About the 


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J.B.Portrait - John Boudreau.jpg

Artist: John Boudreau

Based in Los Angeles, USA

Instagram: @johnboudreauartist

Commissions accepted

John is an artist living in Los Angeles who had a degree in Fine Art from Pratt Institute and has studied art at other schools in New York City. He assists other with mental health challenges to elevate their moods by creating art and to learn new skills. His genre's of painting include abstract and symbolic painting. His art has been in fundraisers and and some exhibitions to raise awareness on global issues. John is an an award winning published artist.

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