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Pebbles of Sunset


San Luis Obispo


Frank Mathews is a visual artist residing in San Luis Obispo and areas of Los Angeles and the San Joaquin Central Valley. His sole focus with his art is to portray his viewpoint of life and nature through emotion, color and abstract geometric shapes. He’s medium of choice is acrylic paint but he also explores oils, chalks, pastels and other mixed media. Frank has maintained a lifelong passion for art and creativity with interests in decor, nature and psychology as well as Latin poetry and writing. In more recent years, Frank decided to explore painting, mark making and began to make up rooting in his life for active participation in the evolution of his artist exploration and expression. Life can change in a moment and mental language and landscape our ability to adapt, to cope, to lose, to focus and to overcome is what helps us in the pursuit of the real beauty that life has to offer. Frank’s body of work is a direct response to the unprecedented time we are experiencing and encapsulates the many stages of this time period and the emotions it has evoked. Moving through his work are feelings of fear, duty, worry and madness all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum where discovery, gratitude and hope dominate. Frank’s intention is to portray a sense of moving through geometric curves liner shapes moving forward seeing more beauty, living simpler, and easier lives into mother nature’s wonderful tapestry of life.


As the breeze draws across the emptiness of the badlands, inspiration draws through the mine, as a vast landscape with uncertainty. In essence tapping into "Footprints in the Sand," It was then that I carried you." “Exploration” is most of my art pieces are mural in scale, engulfing the viewers creating a oneness with the painting(s). Some elements within artwork deal with topics: includes Mental Landscape, spiritual and physical, 'mental landscape’ is the most recent art piece that represents color and geometric form. As mentioned before prefer scale is most prevalent: the current painting are digital but plan is 36” x 36” inches and depicts the life experience through the lens of mother nature microscope shapes and the most recent discoveries found in the universe by the Webb Space Telescope and the Hubble Telephone which caused an uncertainty among scientific scientists. My influences are Max Ernst Otto Dix, and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, additionally Wayne Thiebaud and Norman Rockwell, through the lens of Pop Art, Regionalism, and illustration while exploring examples mixed media in my style.

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