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Writer’s Block, and How to Fix it

As I am writing this blog, I am ironically experiencing writer's block right at this moment. I believe that writing is a major form of art, because it allows for people to express our feelings through words, stories, and even poems! So how to get back into the flow of writing? Well, here are some tips!

The first thing I do when I have writer's block is I do a journal entry. No, it doesn’t have to start with “Dear Diary” or any of that, but it can if you want to! Your journal entry can be about anything and everything! Just write freely and about whatever comes to mind. This helps get your creative juices flowing and helps you get some words on paper!

The next thing I do is create a rough draft. If you're writing an essay or maybe even a blog post this always helps! Create an introduction and conclusion, and make a list of bullet points for the main ideas you want to hit in a body paragraph. This helps organize your thoughts, and creates the outline of your writing!

Another tip is for all the freelance writers and authors out there! If you are struggling with coming up with an idea for your next best seller, the best thing to do is focus on what you're passionate about. Think about anything that you could talk about for hours, or maybe a cause that you support. This helps you pick a topic that you won’t have trouble writing about! Also, the best essays and stories are the ones that you can tell the writer cares about!

Well, I hope that helped you get unstuck in your writing. It definitely helped me! Don’t forget how powerful words can be, whether they are eloquently phrased into a sonnet or used to write about the topic your teacher assigned you in history class. So use your pen and paper (or laptop and Google Docs) and get to writing!

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