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Tips For Using Procreate

As you all probably know, many people have made the switch from pencil and paper to tablet and stylist! Digital art is all the rage, with ProCreate being one of the main softwares used to create this type of art. ProCreate, available on most Apple IPads, is amazing, but after my first couple of experiences it was a bit confusing. So, I decided why not share my tips and tricks for using this software!

Tip #1: Make Your Own Brushes

This app allows for artists to create their own brushes, designing unique strokes and lines. This allows for artists to fully control and customize their artistic tools. The really cool thing about this app is that, if you don’t have charcoal at home, you can use the charcoal brush to make the same smoky affect! Ran out of paint? Use the variety of brushes to create watercolor backgrounds and acrylic paint splatters! The results are truly endless. As you can see below, I was able to recreate the pencil like texture using the sketching brushes!

Tip #2: QuickLine and QuickShape

This trick saved my life, literally! I’m not the best at drawing straight lines or perfectly round circles, so this tip was a must. Simply hold down the stylist once you’ve drawn your shape, and voila! Your once shaky lines will become perfectly smooth! This is great for abstract and geometric art, since it allows you to draw shapes in no time. Make sure to hold it long enough until it says "line created" above (shown below).

Tip #3: Clipping Masks

At first when I heard this I was like clipping what? But after further research, I realized that this little add on is a must have for artists. All you have to do is create a new layer, and select the clipping mask. Basically, this means that your bottom layer has become a “mask”, while the top layer will allow you to add designs without messing up your previous artwork. This allows for you to easily add details or remove mistakes quickly! Below you can see that I have two layers, one has just the white background while the second one has my rough sketch. You can add as many layers as you would like!

These three quick tips should have you creating digital masterpieces in no time! Have fun “procreating”!

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