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9 Free and Low-Cost Ways to Support Your Local Artists!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Art is the prime representation of the culture and people of the time. Local art often reflects the culture of your city through influence and inspiration, adding a personalized touch and deeper meaning. Now artists are struggling to find economical means and community support amid the pandemic.

However, you can be a voice for artists! Supporting your local artists is very accessible. Below, find 9 free or low-cost ways to support your local artists!

Social media shares and interaction

Find your local artist’s social pages such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and show them some love! A simple like, comment, share, or repost helps get their art and message into the community and build a bigger network. I challenge you to find two local artists today and interact with their page. Repost a story or comment affirmation!

Attend free virtual performances, exhibitions, and events and classes

Nowadays, a lot of artists are finding themselves at home and having to teach and exhibit virtually. There are a lot of classes and workshops that are completely free for all ages and levels. Check out your local visual or performing art schools, museums, galleries, and community centers. Support by showing up from the comfort of your living room! Culturally has a lot of free classes and workshops coming up in August, from watercolor techniques to ballet! Stay tuned.

Do a mural or installation tour in your city while staying in your car

Want a perfectly socially distanced activity to enjoy in your community? Look up outdoor murals, sculptures, and installations in your city! Most of these are local artists. Stop and appreciate their murals by learning the stories of the artist and the inspiration behind the works.

Commission or shop local for an art piece

With exhibitions being canceled due to COVID-19, artists are relying on commissions to support their business or get started! You will acquire an original art piece straight from the heart of your community. Commissions can start at a small donation of $5 to a local charity or a small fee.

Tune in to free live streams or buy a ticket to online concerts

Most musicians, actors, and dancers are doing free shows, live streams, galas, and concerts on social media and streaming services. Play it in the background or sit to watch and have a full and free concert or theater experience in your home!

Donate to an artist relief fund

With theaters closed, dancers, actors, and musicians are finding themselves out of work for a very long time with an already low salary. Find a local community relief fund or donate to your favorite artists and non-profits on a larger scale.

Buy music and merch directly from the artist

Artists only collect a very small amount of revenue from streaming services. The best way to ensure you are directly helping your favorite artists is to purchase or download music, videos, or merch directly from the artist’s platforms or website.

Buy a venue membership or shop from online gift shops

With a lot of museums and theaters closed now, they are rapidly losing revenue. A lot of venues are extending the validity of memberships for your visits after the pandemic or offering discounted rates. Most places also have online gift shops with a lot of unique discounted items now, and this directly profits your local institution.

For after the pandemic: attend community theater and high school productions

When schools need extra funding, the arts programs are usually the first to go! Ensure your donations stay local and directly impact your children, friends, family, and community by attending a local theater or high school shows. These tickets are usually very low cost, but your donations make a big difference. From orchestras to musicals, there’s something for everyone!

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Gili Art Works
Gili Art Works

Nice one..


Dani Mendoza
Dani Mendoza

Great tips! ♥

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