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7 Creative Activities to Relax

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

It is time to find your artistic niche. At this point in quarantine, we all seem to be running out of things to do. Exercise your creativity in different artistic mediums and disciplines from filmmaking to poetry to drawing. Find 7 free and productive activities suitable for any age and artist below.

Dance it out

Find a free online technique or choreography class for a full company or commercial experience in our living room. Don’t want to focus on technique? Try a dance cardio workout inspired by hip hop, Zumba, Latin, and more. Sometimes, we just need to turn on our favorite songs and have a bedroom dance party. Culturally is also offering a musical theater dance class every Wednesday in August at 6:15 EST.

Fashion show

Curate outfits inspired by famous paintings or artistic eras of music, culture, or film and model for others virtually or have a photoshootphotoshoot thinking about the principles of photography.

Write a story

What can be a better way to have a full creative experience than writing your own story or poem? Try a new genre, setting, character, or length. Here are some prompts to help get you started:

  1. The lights in the theater began to dim… (drama)

  2. Write a story about someone waiting for something, but don’t reveal it until the end. (action)

  3. A cold winter’s day (comedy)

Read a poetry anthology

Instead of writing your own poems, you can read works for an enlightening experience. Check out the anthologies by our Artists in Residence in our Hanbell Gallery or check out poems in the community gallery.

Create a playlist or listen to new music

We could all use a new playlist or a library deep clean. Click on a random song for new music inspiration or find free concert live streams online.

Watch a movie, but with a twist

Come up with a different ending for your favorite movie or after watching a new one. Think about what would happen if your two favorite movie worlds collided. Then, make your own film or write it as a story. Ask others for suggestions on what to watch or watch a genre you don’t normally watch. You can do this with a book as well.

Create a stop motion animation

You can draw each frame in a different position, take a picture, and edit a video together. For a simpler approach, You can draw frames on a graphic design program, or draw a stick figure with a slight change in motion at the bottom of every page in your notebook.

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