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Hanbell Gallery

An Anthology by Avani

Author: Avani ​

Instagram: @avaniwrites

It's just a mix of my everyday observations with a touch of my vivid imagination.

Droplets on the Window

"Little Things" 


When's the last time you looked down at your window pane?

Only to be soothed by tracing those tiny droplets left by the beating rain?

Look out at them street urchins, you ever seen them at play?

Ever learnt to make peace with yourselves even in the greyest of day?

Ever stopped to observe the last leaf, it's fall?

Making its way to sacrifice for new origin even when it could've stood there might and tall?

Ever lent an ear to the chest of a fraile whose inevitable end is near?

Whose slightest faint beat of the heart puts you into an ecstasy leaving you with nothing but tears to part?

When you tilt your head up high, do you see them fragments of beaming light breaking through the night sky?

Felt how they instill a feeling of home in every passer by?


"The Masterpiece"


I always liked observing the gentle humming you do quietly by the window,

The soft unconscious tapping of your fingers, strumming away gently

How those eyes the shade of autumnal leaves, shine in the fading sunset 

Your lips part breaking into a smile, like the beaming crescent so infectious I manage one myself.

Your hair dances wildly playing to the tunes of the wind, in them rain decorated like pearls,

You scrunch your nose looking up at the sky, giggling ever so softly,

Laughter ringing in my ears so mellifluously, I could've sworn I felt the sun brighten,

Sighing contented I set my brushes down staring at my black tarp and unused hues,

I think they forgot to tell us how art could be human too.




Why does everything demand to be felt?

Why can't things just wash over you like a wave? 

Thoughts so obscure, oh have you seen the inside of a cave?

Why is it the smallest things?

But doesn't the prick of a needle bleed?

Nothing in sight looking for a shield?

Holding onto fragments of hope oh so tough?

Are they even your own thoughts or is your mind shoving those letters?

Makin you mercilessly believe anything but the better?

One moment your overflowing emotions surges you like a tide?

Next you feel as empty as low as a desert with no one in sight?

Isn't it crazy? Or is this called sane?

Oh wait I can't think it goes all in vain

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