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Women empowerment

Artist: Tanya Momi

Mark Twain says. I kill my own snake and lite my own cigar. Make my own living and provide for own self. This painting shows a women from ancient times. She is thinking about the future. That one day she will pay her self The background has old Indian chakra symbols. Each chakra has a deep meaning of life. The Chakra are upside down because she has turn her thinking upside down. Her advance thinking. The louts flower grows in muddy water and become a beautiful pink flower. She is rising like a lotus flower. The dove is the symbol of freedom. She is free and flying away like a dove. She is not depending on anyone else she can make her own living. She is empowering women to pave the bright future for herself . A powerful women can make a living for her selves. As I have paved my own way and made living for myself and others. As a artist i can show and empower women around the world to have independence and self-sufficient life. You go girl with peace love and freedom. Raise better girls to be better women. A independent and bold women. A CEO of her own life she can provide for her self and others.

Independnt day - Spoil Me Salon.jpeg

"Independent day and vision of the future", Acrylic, 36 x 40 cm

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Tanya Momi has had the opportunity to meet people from many different walks of life through her salon. She has either helped them or they have helped her. She also gives back to the community through her art. She has donated countless artworks to many charities and non-profit organizations. Tanya brings people together through her art. Tanya Momi is an inspirational artist whose work is diverse enough to fall into several categories including realism, cubism, abstract and social realism and spiritual art. Tanya’s basic medium is Oils and Acrylics and Sketch. Her work is greatly influenced by her own life experiences. Tanya was born in India and graduated with Bachelors in Fine Arts from Chandigarh in 1982. She got married and moved to the United States. After 9 and half years of abuse in her marriage, she divorced him and never looked back. Busy raising her 2 kids and establishing her business in Silicon Valley since 1989, she didn't paint for 22 years. She was encouraged by close friends to start painting again. After she started her second career, she was able to find herself through her artwork. Her painful journey became her own inspiration. One of the very first series she worked on was about the pain and suffering of a single, divorced woman. The paintings appended to this series include, “When Friends Turn Their Backs”, “Wounded”, “Beaten but not Broken”, “Stop the Pain”. Being that the suffering of women and people all around the world was her inspiration, Tanya paints to help people ease their suffering. As someone that is very passionate about the message behind her art, Tanya has had the opportunity to speak and connect with many people. She has spoken at the White house about women empowerment and leadership.Tanya’s Art is distinctive and controversial. Since she started her “second career”, she has shown her work in India, Beverly Hills, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, Munich, Vienna, Triton Museum, NUMU Museum, Portola Valley, Los Altos as well as other local groups. Coming exhibitions Rome, Paris.


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