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Hanbell Gallery

Oregon Girl in Alaska

Artist: Lesa Sears

Based in Fairbanks, Alaska

These are some of my Favorite landscapes and places. Oregon Coast, Hawaii and of course Alaska. All of these paintings are done with Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Fall on the Tundra - Lesa Sears Fine Art

Fall on the Tundra

ArcticStarryNight - Lesa Sears Fine Art_

Arctic Starry Night

Two Palm Trees - Lesa Sears Fine Art_ Ac

Two Palm Trees

Golden Dream - Lesa Sears Fine Art_ Acry

Golden Dream

My Happy Place - Lesa Sears Fine Art_ Ac

My Happy Place

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 2.16.15 PM.png

Bold Autumn Along the River

Fox Island - Lesa Sears Fine Art_ Acryli

Fox Island

Hike on Birch Mountain - Lesa Sears Fine

Hike on Birch Mountain

BlueMoonForest - Lesa Sears Fine Art_ Ac

Blue Moon Forest

Healing Waters - Lesa Sears Fine Art_ Ac

Healing Waters

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IMG_0112 - Lesa Sears Fine Art_ Acrylic

Artist: Lesa Sears

Based in Fairbanks, Alaska

Instagram: @lesasearsfineart

Please contact me for commissions or collaborations at

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Hi, I am Lesa and I’m an Artist! It feels so strange and a dream come true to be able to say I am an Artist. For 20 years I have supported my husband in his career and my 5 children in achieving their goals, and like many stay at home moms my dreams were their dreams. Now that I’m 45 I needed to figure out what my dreams were!

My husband was about to retire from the Army, my youngest was starting full time school and I finally had time to go back to work. I updated a resume and started looking for jobs. Then Covid hit and everything shut down. My kids came back home and I now became a full-time teacher in addition to all my other responsibilities.

I searched inside my soul and remembered I had always loved painting. When my babies where younger I would watch PBS shows such as Bob Ross and think, “I bet I can do that!” I got really good at One Stroke Painting and even taught a community class at Oregon State University. Through out the years I had taken a few classes but finding time and constantly moving as a military wife I could never truly develop my talents. Painting is where I found my happiness, my awareness, my love for life and the world around me.

As I was sheltered at home, I started watching YouTube tutorials on acrylic paintings and I picked up my brushes and sparked my passion again. I found myself in a local store talking to the owner and showing her my art. She asked if I wanted to do a show for her store. I remember walking out of that store thinking what have I just done! I needed to have 30 paintings ready in 2 months for the show. I was super excited and extremely nervous!

Things have been going extremely fast and I am so grateful for my community here in Fairbanks. I have been on the front page of the local paper and was featured in a segment on our local news channel. I didn’t think I could make a career with my art but here I am striving to make that dream a reality! I want to be an example to older women—those who find themselves at a crossroad. The empty nesters. Those who feel they are too old to start living their dreams. It’s never too late to follow your passions. I will tell you what I tell my kids, “ If you don’t try you will never succeed!”

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