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Image by Robert Bye

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Mapping Reality: a paradigm on utopian/ dystopian futures

Image by laura adai
Image by Markus Spiske

Concept of  exhibition

In an ever-changing world, what's normal and what's new is hard to pin down. The amazing technological development, the improvement of artificial intelligence, social media platforms, and metaverse, are quickly transforming the way we communicate, connect, and interact with the world.  The constant evolution of technology makes the concept of innovation transform our lives daily so that getting used to normality is something difficult - something is the same for less and less time. 

New ideas, new media, new methods of communication - nothing is ever the same. Technology promises us to cancel distances, break down doors that have never opened, and be in several places simultaneously. But how much do these innovations really make us free? Are we free because we can do everything with a click and be anywhere at any time? Or are we prisoners of a world that requires us to be constantly available and that forces us into phenomena of fear of missing things and social anxiety?

Impacting our perception of reality, and expanding the best and the worst of human minds, technology seems to project both a utopian and dystopian future. The aim of this exhibition is to probe the duality and pitfalls of technological development both at the level of artistic and conceptual production media in today's society.

 Emerging and mid-career artists are invited to submit their 2-d work and be considered to join our strong artistic community by exhibiting in our 360-degree 3-D gallery at the Milostka Center for Exhibitions

Submission Details

  • This call is open to all artists from any country, background, and education level

  • All studio/digital artists, and photographers' 2D artworks will be considered for acceptance

  • Submit 1 to 5 artworks. Please make sure your uploads are high-resolution, clear, and cropped to fit the image only. No floors, walls, or backgrounds that are not part of the piece. You MUST include the title, medium, dimensions, and year

  • All information must be submitted in English 

  • Open call costs: $6 for students & $8 for regular artists 

  • Free for Culturally Arts Collective members: Become A Member today for as low as $15 annually to have free open call access for a whole year from purchase date!  


Submission Deadline: August 31st


  • All 2D artworks are acceptable following copyright ownership and within proprietary acceptability

  • Although at Culturally we encourage creativity and self-expression, any inappropriate or X-rated material will be under scrutiny by our curatorial team

    For any further information contact our Chief Curator, Ana Catarina Bizarro 

All works will be displayed in a 3-D view 360 degree exhibition. See video example below

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Intellectual Property
All rights are reserved by the original artist/owner of any and all work submitted to Culturally. Culturally does not assume any rights or responsibility for work submitted.
Risk Policy
Any and all rights associated with each piece belong to the artist in their entirety at all times. I release Culturally, its instructors, staff, and/or any representatives thereof, from all liability of any kind, including, but not limited to claims and/or causes of action for damages, theft, personal injury, medical expenses, costs of any kind, including attorneys’ fees and court costs arising from my participation in the virtual exhibition “On our Lands: Artistic Production and Indigenous Rights”.
Social Media Release: Culturally is allowed to use my images submitted--with FULL CREDIT to the artist or owner--to market my art exhibition or on social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
Artist Agreement 
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