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Image by Falco Negenman

Solicita convertirte en Artista en Residencia


En una comunidad global de artistas.







Image by Niv Singer

ANTI-ART: The absence of Definition

Anti-art is a loose term that is applied to artistic forms that question the existing accepted definition of art or questions art in general. Anti-artwork may criticize certain aspects of art or artistic standards overall. As the 2020s continue to challenge our values, change our ideals, and force us to think outside of the box.


Artist in Residence Solo Exhibition

Have a solo exhibition in our renown Hanbell Gallery with a personal collection page exhibiting up to 10 works. Your page can have an artist statement, business commission info, and artist info with a unique URL. See the next category for more info!

Photo Exhibition


Now seeking curators (internships) and curatorial apprentices! Select works for shows and programs, and curate virtual 360-degree 3-D view gallery rooms for the Milostka Center for Exhibitions. Get training under the Director of Curatorial Affairs.

Painting Class

Artist Interviews

Gain exposure through an artist interview with two options: written only through email or video interview through Zoom. Talk about your practice and self-promotion, inequities in arts, business topics, arts trends, or any topic of your chosing! 

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Modern Renaissance Magazine 

Submit your art, photography, poetry, creative writing, and more to our literary magazine "Modern Renaissance!" The magazine will be on view on our website to an international audience with issues published in digital and print every 15th. Mobile app coming spring 2022.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 10.07.55 AM.png

Community Gallery

Submit any pieces of art, writing, dance, music, or film to be curated into a group collection in our Community Gallery!


Solicita convertirte en Artista en Residencia

The Artist in Residence initiative is a program for

studio/digital artists, photographers, musicians, actors/filmmakers, dancers, and writers 

of all ages, countries, and expertise to exhibit their work on our platform OR share their knowledge.

For educators and mentors- This is not designed to take up much of your time. There is a 3 month expectation commitment, after which you can renew your commitment however many times you would like. There will be specific jobs assigned with specific time frames, and we can work around your schedule.  

For exhibitionists- Artists in Residence have solo exhibitions in our Hanbell Gallery, wherein you can display up to 10 artworks, photographs, performances, or writing pieces. Your page will have a personalized URL and can include linked social media buttons, commision/business-related contact, and an artist profile with bio, info, and image! See example here Exhibitions become part of our permanent collection (artists retain all rights to their work) and you can add to or update your gallery every 3 months.

There is NO fee to exhibit your work, nor will we pay you. Application process: Submit the Google Form that can be found on the "apply" button below. It will ask you a few routine questions and ask you to submit images/videos/files for your exhibition. After you submit, you will be contacted within 3 days with the status of your acceptance. If accepted, your work will be published shortly if an exhibitionist, or you will join the education team. 


However, education and mentor (mentee can be any age) positions open to:

- middle and high school students

- college students

- up and coming artists

- professionals

- any person with a passion

Questions? Contact us at Community service hours are available for students in the education or mentorship pathways. 


*you can apply for more than one

Image by Kazuo ota


Include your work as part of our curated permanent exhibitions or create your own featured permanent or traveling online exhibition. You will have additional opportunities to exhibit in virtual shows and access. Under this pathway, you are just exhibiting your art, not volunteering in the other pathways. 

Artist at Work


Create courses for our platform! Curate and create PowerPoints, lectures, videos, interactive activities, and more over any topic from photography to guitar! Gain service hours.

Museum Employees


We're looking for MENTORS and MENTEES in any artistic discipline! Mentors will work privately or with a small group on the specific needs of the mentees to advance artistic skills through lessons, projects, and advising! Gain service hours.

Envíos de la galería de la comunidad

Have a series or piece that you are particularly proud of? Have you completed ​one of our courses or activities and want to show off your work? We want to highlight you and your passion as part of our mission to advocate for accessibility and inclusion in the arts!

Your work will be curated into a group exhibition in the Community Gallery.

Who is eligible?

- Anyone of any age or skill level can submit work to be exhibited on our site in the Community Gallery!

What are we looking for?

- Any work that has been completed as a product of Culturally courses, activity blogs, or instructional videos.

- Your child's fridge drawings

- Your sketchbook pages

- Your masterpieces

- Your improv videos, crafts, school projects, portfolios 

- Any artwork, writing, or performace you'd like exhibited

Questions? Contact us at

Currently Seeking:

Art Gallery

Digital Art/Design

JPEG images, PNG images, PDFs, mp4 videos, mov videos

Classic Ballet Show

Theater, Film, Dance, Music

mp3 audio tracks, mp4 videos, mov videos, JPEG images, PNG images


Creative Writing/Poetry

PDF documents, JPEG/PNG images, Word Documents, Google Documents, videos

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