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Kateryna Brovkova

My name is Kateryna Brovkova! I am an artist, illustrator and fashion designer from Ukraine. I'm a participant and a winner of multiple arts and fashion competitions. I have been working in the field of fashion and commercial illustration and design for many years, as well as working on graphic content for social networks, producing my own Illustration brands of prints and postcards in Ukraine, and being a part of worldwide fashion illustration and design community.


I have always paid attention to fashion details, patterns, textiles, and colors, starting from my parents' clothes in childhood. I was starting to draw at 3 years of age, and then was learning to draw and express forms and objects using different mediums and techniques.


All my creative and business activities have always been related to design, fashion and art. Now, in the modern world, the need for sustainable fashion and reasonable consumption in common is more acute than ever. That is why I transferred part of my creativity to the digital medium. Translating fashion images in my art compilations, I appeal to the uniqueness and value of ideas, moving to chamber capsule collections.


I believe that art has the ability to transmit global values and be an influencer for the design and fashion industries.


And of course, art is the best way to emphasize your individuality and give meaning, special feelings, and vibes to all your spaces - private or commercial.

Artist: Kateryna Brovkova

Based in Munich, Germany




Culturally Arts Collective features:

"Voyage", June 17 - July 29 2022, Milostka Center for Exhibitions 

What do you aim to say by the themes in your art?
We all have different versions of what "to be at home" means for us. Often, the feeling of home is given to us by amazing people around us, happy emotions that we experience in this place, or significant memories, associations, deja vu, or ideas that were caught at that moment. All this combined creates a whole world of images that passes through us. Since I practice Kundalini Yoga, I’m working with creative, high-vibes vibrations, and good-feeling positive energies. And if we go deeper, then the home is our planet, the Universe, and we are all part of this "home". One way or another, all my works resonate with these ideas, and each work has its own history and its own meaning. This is what my art is about. 
Where does your inspiration come from?

Art & fashion are my passion :) Also, gratitude for many ordinary things and sure, the amazing people who happen in my life, the deepest kindness and empathy - it's all my unlimited inspiration. Another endless source of inspiration for me is spending time near the seas, and oceans, traveling the world and getting to know other cultures.

Do you have experiences that impacted your art?
My art is influenced by travel, the mix of cultures and history gives rise to many ideas. The war also had a big impact. All Ukrainians are now going through a very painful period, and all this storm of feelings, of course, results in art. But most importantly, we really want to preserve our historical context and go deeper into our roots in Ukrainian traditions. This will greatly affect my art.
Do you feel your art challenges existing barriers?
Rather than being challenging, my art is a compilation of my feelings, visions, and meanings.
What are your long-term artistic goals? 

My biggest dream is peace in my home, in Ukraine. And for long-term artistic goals, to share Ukrainian culture through the art, through the ethnical forms, shapes, and meanings. Right now I'm launching a brand new series of ethnic folk art pieces. And It will be my pleasure to develop it in the future, and in this way to introduce the Ukrainian culture.  

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

My main advice is to listen to your heart. Now we are surrounded by a huge amount of visual information, courses, opportunities to learn. But the most important thing is to keep the ability to hear yourself and to convey your feelings, thoughts, and individuality through your creativity. And also, do not be afraid of periods of lack of inspiration. There are times like this, we all have them sometimes, and they will pass, I promise. 

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