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Agnes Gomori

Agnes Gomori is a Hungarian-British multimedia artist based in London, UK. She is a channel for the higher realm, and this deep connection with the divine source inspires her art.


Agnes is a multidisciplinary artist who expresses herself through painting, drawing, photography, digital art, singing, writing music, and short stories and poetry.


Agnes is also a spiritual energy healer, who is creating custom-made healing art for her clients in her private art-based healing. 

Artist: Anges Gomori

Based in London, UK



Culturally Arts Collective features:

"Beyond the Veil", April 8th-May 20th 2022, and "Dream Living", April 25th - June 3rd 2022,

Milostka Center for Exhibitions 

What do you aim to say by the themes in your art?
My aim is to encourage the viewers to look behind the obvious, to dare to feel deeply and avoid living on the surface, on auto-pilot. That is only possible when we are connected to ourselves first. When we do that, we can connect to others meaningfully and can see the beauty in the world.
Where does your inspiration come from?
It is the spiritual aspect of life that inspires me most. I have a deep connection and respect towards nature and the Universe. My ancestors also inspire me, and so do my dreams.
Do you have experiences that impacted your art?
Yes, growing up, we regularly went to art exhibitions and had lots of art books at home, which I loved studying. In high school, a teacher told us about how art and music have healing powers. I remember thinking how great it would be to help people heal through art. Art therapy wasn’t a well-known thing back then, but it must have stayed with me because I intuitively started to create healing artwork both for myself and for others when healing was needed.
Do you feel your art challenges existing barriers?
Yes, I’m a big believer that art has to either educate or entertain. I encourage viewers to put their logical mind beside and engage on an emotional level, just like a curious child who believes in fairy tales. Through storytelling, I invite the viewers to peek into another realm. Sometimes if we can’t see something with our physical eyes, we need to let our third eye take control!
What are your long-term artistic goals? 
I always enjoy exploring different artistic outlets. The next stage would be to combine my visual art with my music. I committed to share the healing power of art and music and I’d like to reach people globally. Virtual exhibitions are a great way to do that. My other long-term goal is to do more artist mentoring, artist collaborations and would like to curate too.
What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
If it comes for the heart, you’re on the right path. Don’t let anyone stop your creative growth. You were given this gift to use it, to bring joy to the world. Visit art galleries often and study the classics and modern art, broaden your horizon and engage in discussions. Surround yourself with people who are on a similar artistic journey to you. Try different avenues of creative self-expression. Just do it, do it, do it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Always aim to be true to yourself. It’s not about impressing anyone, but about sharing your unique vision. Only you know how you see the world. When you do that, you will be authentic.
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