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Benna Maris

Multi-awarded interdisciplinary artist engaged since 2004 in exhibiting internationally.

Latest biennials: The Wrong Biennale of Digital Arts, 2021-2022 ; Šiluva Art Biennial - Touched Land, 2021 - Šiluva, Lithuania ; Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art Online Biennial, 2021 - Internet ; MADATAC XI - Biennial of New Media Arts 2020 - Madrid, Spain ; BIENALSUR 2019 - Latin America Biennale - Argentina / Brazil / Guatemala ; Triennale della Fotografia Italiana 2017 - Venezia, Italy.


Latest solo exhibitions: Wishful Thinkers 2019 - Itinerant performance - Venezia, Italy ; From Garbage to Infinity 2018 - 16:9 Gallery - Southfield, U.S.A.


Latest achievements: Exhibiting artist @ Festival of Time International Contest 2020 - Sermoneta, Italy ; 2nd Prize @ ExperimentoBIO 2019 - Bilbao, Spain ; 2nd Prize @ Cine Cube Award 2018 - Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Germany ; Videographics Prize @ Pasinetti VideoPrize 2018 - Venezia, Italy ; 1st Prize @ STAR Bene Contest 2017 - Teramo, Italy

Artist: Benna Maris

Based in Antwerp, Belgium



Culturally Arts Collective features:

"Beyond the Veil", May 29-July 30 2021, Milostka Center for Exhibitions 

What do you aim to say by the themes in your art?
As most artists, my art expression reflects my way of life, my philosophic journey and personal interests. I wonder and am curious for everything, hence my eclecticism and multidisciplinary attitude. In particular, I'm interested in metaphysical, psychological, socio-political and environmental issues. I believe that there's too much wrongdoing crawling in the human society and the world. The way to cope with, heal or overcome injustice is not easy, everything changes and one must adapt, nothing is absolute, so I try to keep my art seminal, conceptually fundamental, looking to the origin of things or to their final aim, then translating that into metaphorical or allegorical pieces of visible matter, the so said artworks. I consider artworks something like totems, signals for others passing by.
Where does your inspiration come from?
I use to say that my greatest inspiration comes from the sea. The sea, standing on a seashore, is a state of mind, as it opens your sight toward the infinite, the space, the void. Wiping the mind from notions and preconceptions is the basics of meditation. Hence, void is my greatest inspiration, as it leaves space to the imagination that comes from within, we all got the sparkle spirit of knowledge, the reasoning, we just need to wipe it from dust and confusion. Thus, also a white sheet of paper, a blank screen, an empty wall or even a bucket of water are great sources of inspiration, when imagination comes through your intimate.
Do you have experiences that impacted your art?
Surely I did like anybody else, as life brings small or big sorrows, struggles and losses, but also happy experiences. All experiences form what we are. One must not consider sorrows anything absolutely evil, sometimes what seems bad leads to a final good, and after all they empower you, if you just look to the bright side or find a way to turn them in your favour, and that way is within your mind.
Do you feel your art challenges existing barriers?
Actually my work is constantly focused on challenging barriers, meant as separations, as I always had an attitude in searching mitigation between opposites and helping the weak against overbearing powers.
What are your long-term artistic goals? 
I believe I don't have long-term goals, since things change along the way, so my art is. My goal is here and now, although I can say there's a long-term purpose, or well an everlasting attitude, which is logic and reasoning.
What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Spiritually speaking, take your time to cultivate your inner mind, keeping it away and safe from mundane influences. Pursue knowledge but disregard notions and rules, yet practice memory. Materially speaking, you can translate your inner mind into any form of art, in my opinion it's not important which and how, as people's tastes differ but the message you convey to the beholder makes the difference.
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