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Hanbell Gallery

Four art collections

Artist: Irina Tall (Novikova)

Based in Moscow, Russia

Moscow and the pandemic, closed cafes, shopping centers, playgrounds fenced with a red ribbon ... Everything where access is prohibited was wrapped in a red and white banning ribbon, before it could only be found in Moscow at a construction site. But now, from this world, wonderful creatures appear, the beginning and birth of a fantasy that has no boundaries. I thought I was drawing a fantasy that suddenly came to me at night, but the project grew and became a ghost of myself.


I drew from the memories of Moscow, about the situation I once experienced, this is a personal story that I turned into a myth. It seemed to me that the pandemic itself was a ghost, but the fact that I was drawing a simple fairy tale in which you could open the door.


One phrase, like a vision, haunts me: "When the lie closes its arms, there will be no more truth ..." I think this is a kind of prophecy that needs to be remembered by others.

Two hearts

Collection: "Two hearts"

74530266_1150503055288636_5430683256108351488_o - Irina Vidzyailo.jpg

My work is an attempt to reveal my own secret, to dive deeper and see what I can do.


For me, the fabric of the narrative is always torn, it is always made up of small patches. I try to sew these pieces together by initially tearing the fabric.


My project is based on the subjective experiences that an artist who has spent a lot of time in one room can imagine.

Collection: "Story of a girl and a wolf"

Fiction and reality intersect, recent memories of the past and what happened, pages from books read and dreams and imagination.


The artist imagines himself as a half-bird with a human face, and the room and the mattress become a magical garden where other creatures live.


I am exploring my own perception and memory, I am interested in how our memory generates what happened, and embodies something that can be depicted or thought within ourselves.

IMG_20211104_022623_337 - Irina Vidzyailo.jpg

Renaissance Fish

Ink, gel pen, gouache, paper (monotype and drawing) 

About the 


1641207574386 - Irina Vidzyailo (1).jpg

Artist: Irina Tall (Novikova)

Based in Moscow, Russia






I am open for cooperation with writers and poets, I would gladly make a series of paintings or illustrations on mythological subjects.

Irina was born in Minsk. Graduated from the State Academy of Slavic Cultures with a degree in Art, and from the Moscow Humanitarian and Technical Academy with a degree in Design.  Irina is a Member of the Krasnogorsk Union of Artists "LIK", Member of the Federation of Watercolorists, Member of the International Art Fund (IHF), Member of the Union of Russian Artists, Member of the Creative Association "Artist". The first personal exhibition "May soul is like a wild hawk" (2002) was at the Museum of Maxim Bagdanovich. In his works, he raises the themes of ecology.


Museum of Nature and Ecology "The Earth is Our Home" (2002), Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature: "How wonderful this world is" (2002), Cinema "Pioner" 4 exhibitions: "Ecology and Man" (2002), "My Favorite Animals" (2003), "Vernissage" (2003) "Peace to our home" (2004), Theater. Yanka Kupala: "Black Truth" (2004), Friendship House: "Norway - Northern Country" (2004), Writers' House: "Animal World" (2005), Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War: "Black Truth" (2005), Church St. Simona and Alena: "Black Truth" (2006), BSU: "Let's Save Birds, Animals, Earth, Trees" (2005), BSPU: "They Must Be Saved" (2006), BSU: "Endangered and Rare Animals" (2006) , Museum of the History of Cinema: "They must not disappear" (2006), State University of Ecology. Academician Sakharov: "Black Truth (2006), Library 199:" The World of Animals "(2010)," The Tree of Life "(2011)", "The Kingdom of Animals" (2012), Exhibition Hall on Dorozhnaya: "They need to be saved" (2010 ), Palace of Culture Krasnogorie: "On the verge of extinction" (2011), Exhibition hall "Chertanovo" On the verge of extinction "(2010)," Black truth "(2021) Minsk, Yakub Kolas library, etc.


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