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Figures In Flux

Artist: Oscar Garcia

Based in San Antonio, Texas, USA

A series of abstract portrait paintings inspired by expressionism & American Bay Area Figuration.

FFA44971-F431-4547-9CA8-E61099F5414E - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Guapo Rojo

(Handsome Red)

4E01573B-4033-432D-B50C-938CB92FFEE2 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Cabeza 2

Hanbell Gallery

47CC3E95-1394-4C51-94E2-8F03A3C6C2C8 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg
CA290868-5E4D-43B1-9021-48C6B8BD2FC5 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Cabeza 5

F6100255-A341-4F8E-BEC5-722B6AD513E1 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Chica X

8F1F83CD-4EFE-4E68-AE34-E522DD469E89 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Cabeza 4

11038B29-D936-4CF0-8904-220E109AB075 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Figure in Blue

Carnival Figure

C51C90A1-5C0D-4A61-AE07-A904BFC5A8E3 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Cabeza 3

AC0F6CE5-D8D8-4CBF-A7E5-694B980BFE91 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Figure in Green

9FCD7E5B-2714-475C-923A-088197A07B62 - Oscar Garcia.jpeg

Cabeza 1

Artist: Art by Oscar Garcia

Based in San Antonio, Texas, USA

Instagram: @artbyoscargarcia

About the 


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I am an artist based in San Antonio, Texas. My art practice involves abstraction & figurative means of expression using acrylic, oil/soft pastel & gouache on paper & canvas. My art explores my cultures of both Mexican & German ethnicity through color, form & gesture.

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