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Hanbell Gallery

Denied a diagnosis

Artist: Uzomah Ugwu

These works represent the mental and physical reaction to being treated and mistreated for various illnesses. The use of colors applied represents different types of situations that anyone has to go through to get the right combination of medication to be able to work the day rather than the day work them.

wrong turns - uzomah ugwu.jpg

Wrong Turns 

times passed at noon - uzomah ugwu.JPG

Times Passed at Noon

pockets of clouds - uzomah ugwu.JPG

Pockets of Clouds 

I met you in the rain - uzomah ugwu.JPG

I Met You in the Rain 

About the 


Artist: Uzomah Ugwu

I am open to commissions and collaborations.

Uzomah Ugwu is a poet/writer and multi-disciplined artist. Her poetry, writing, and art have been featured in various publications, galleries, and art spaces internationally. She is a political, social, and cultural activist. Her core focus is on human rights, mental health, animal rights, and the rights of LGBTQIA persons.

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