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Hanbell Gallery

A Slovakian Trilogy Part II

Artist: Kirk Chernansky

Based in Chicago, USA

These images are photographs of our family's pilgrimage across the ocean to honor the birth and resting places of our Slovakian ancestors. In a land both strange and strangely familiar, we were guided by distant relatives through burial grounds as we sought to transcend barriers with a language of the heart. Contemplating our heritage and inheritance caused us to ask ourselves a universal question. What will be our legacy?

SlovakianTrilogy2 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg

Shedding light on the unknown

SlovakianTrilogy9 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg

Letting Go of the Past

SlovakianTrilogy1 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg

Remaining Present to the Past

SlovakianTrilogy7 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg
SlovakianTrilogy6 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg

Shadows and Light

SlovakianTrilogy4 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg

Pausing to Reflect

SlovakianTrilogy8 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg

Mirrored Images

SlovakianTrilogy4 - Betty Chernansky.jpeg

Gateway to the Eternal

The Presence Beyond

About the 

About the author photo uncropped - Betty Chernansky.jpg

Artist: Kirk Chernansky

Based in Chicago, USA

I am open to collaborations.

Kirk Chernansky is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Design. Following graduation, she worked for 15 years in advertising art direction that took her to New York where she honed conceptual and design skills at the School of Visual Arts. In 1995 she made the leap to Social Work acquiring a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Chicago and in 2007 began taking courses at Northwestern in art therapy to bridge the two paths.

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