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The absence of Definition

 Featuring 21 Artists From Around the World

The absence of Definition.

Featured Artists: 

Alcy Hart, Aulia Herwita, CC, CG Hall, Derek Raymond, Diana Rusyaykina, Gary Duehr, Hannah Zizza, Jose Benitez, Josh Stein, Katalin Pusztaszeri, Liz Mo, Llewyn Jones, Maksim Shishov, Mariaceleste Arena, Margo Vovchok, Melis ARSLAN, Pelulya, Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou, Svetlana Vasina, William Josephs Radford.


April 17th, 2023 - June 31st, 2023


Anti-art is a loose term that is applied to artistic forms that question the existing accepted definition of art or questions art in general. Anti-artwork may criticize certain aspects of art or artistic standards overall. As the 2020s continue to challenge our values, change our ideals, and force us to think outside of the box. The Milostka Exhibition Center curated an exhibit that showcases the absence of established artistic practices and historically celebrated aesthetics.


Through their unorthodox mediums and concepts artists have expressed themselves and their own personal view of what art really is to them through a variety of works.  Art has no definition it is a subjective spectrum that is not made to be limited within any standards and it is in itself a constant debate of itself created to be self reflective and a search for what makes it so.



Emma McMullin, Director of Curatorial Affairs; Ana Catarina Bizarro, Chief Curator; Maria Tabet, Lead Senior Curator; Anwar Mohammad, Senior Curator;  Kimberly Fabbri, Senior Curator; Kayla  Feeney , Curatorial Apprentice; Kendrra Thoms , Curatorial Apprentice; Connor Lane , Technical Manager.



Artist Interviews

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About Art,  Anti-art ,  and Institutional Critique

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Vasina Svetlana avatar.JPG
Baptism by Fire.jpg

Visual Artist/ Art Director

Instagram: @svetavasina

"I explore relationships and the emotional dynamics that shape them. My work is influenced by cultural and personal mythologies, and it often touches on themes of melancholia and the quiet violence of being. I work in various media, including painting, mixed media, and digital art."



Instagram: josephsradford


"These are no ordinary photographs of flowers. On the surface they may appear very normal, however the technique which was used to capture them is completely unique and never been done before."


Photographer/ Cinematographer

Instagram: @kiourtzoglou


"We leave at the era of images!"

Josh Chelsea Studio 8_2022.jpg

Creative Artist/ Musician/ Writer

Instagram: @steincreates

"My work creates unexpected moments of precariousness. I use metallic, iridescent, and fluorescent acrylics, textures that lift the paint from the canvas, and a variety of hot glues which add dimensionality to the surfaces."


Multimedia Artist/ Activist

Instagram: @jocoseben

"Benítez's artwork serves as an exploration of how through the use of art & technology, we are creating a new semblance of normalcy and reality. He is concerned with how humans' identities and struggles interact, portray, and evolve alongside the digital landscape."


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