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Hanbell Gallery

Abstracts 2022

Artist: Anni Vahlqvist

Based in Finland

The paintings in the collection were all created while during pandemic and war.

AnniVahlqvist_Captive40x100cm_2022 - Anni Vahlqvist.jpg

Captive, 2022

AnniVahlqvist_player_50x70cm_2022 - Anni Vahlqvist.jpg

Player, 2022

Annivahlqvist_cinnamon_54x65cm_2022 - Anni Vahlqvist.jpg

Cinnamon, 2022

AnniVahlqvist_Flower bouquet 80x100cm_2022 - Anni Vahlqvist.jpg

Flower bouquet, 2022

AnniVahlqvist_Globalwarming_80x100cm_2022 - Anni Vahlqvist.jpg

Global warming, 2022

About the 

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20210130_095228 - Anni Vahlqvist.jpg

Artist: Anni Vahlqvist

Based in Finland

Instagram: @annioutlife

Open for commissions and collaborations 

Anni Vahlqvist is a colorblind Finnish artist. She has studied painting Pori School of Art and Turku University of Applied Sciences (Culture and Art’s Master’s degree). In 2022 Anni graduated as solution-focused art therapy. She work mainly with acrylic and oil paints. She also uses her fingers and natural materials to make the vibrant colors and textures in her paintings. Anni uses strong cartoon-like lines and combines with abstract softness.

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