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When did you begin your artist journey?

Actually , a full-time career in visual arts isn't what I have in mind or had been wanting to pursue, but I have always loved doing arts, and I thought maybe I could still pursue arts alongside my day job (I am a full-time fitness professional). I think the pivotal moment that got me interested in being an artist was when one of my digital artwork was chosen as part of an open call exhibition back in 2012. From there, I have been exhibiting in group shows since 2012, but I only started focusing on building my art career in late 2020. I had stopped doing art between 2013 and 2020 as I kind of lost passion for it. During that hiatus, I was preoccupied with building my sports and fitness industry career.


Life took a turn, and in 2020, my passion for the arts was re-ignited. Since then, I have been exhibiting my works in Singapore, Germany, UK, and China.\

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspirations are both extrinsic and Intrinsic. The socio-political environment I live in or from the fluxes of events happening around me. I also heavily draw inspiration upon my past lived experience. Both are not independent of each other. They form an inexplicable relationship.


Do you feel your art challenges existing barriers?

I feel I do as I have always been hellbent on trying to push art beyond its conventional settings (like galleries). In fact, most of the ideas I have or had involve performing it or presenting it outdoors.


In terms of success, not so much especially in living in an authoritarian country like Singapore where everything is heavily surveillance and censorship in the arts scene is heavy. Explicit political expression or critique are always frowned upon. Taking such risks is always seen as a career suicide Regardless, I always questions the government systematic structures; one that especially controls or dictates the bodies of the minorities. I always challenge these barriers; it's tough but I try.

How would you describe your creative process?

I don't work with a specific medium as of now. Rather I work on the concept first and from the idea will manifest into the medium. I do try to work with physical materials/ domestic items present in our daily lives or the things that are present on the streets or activities/actions we do on a living basis.

What is integral to your work as an artist?

I primarily use my art to help audiences make sense of the world around them; understanding the complexities of the systematic structures that govern socio-political, geopolitical issues and how it may affect people of various minority groups. But in order to do so, one has to be able to have a comprehensive understanding of the topic they are presenting. A balanced viewpoint that isn't dictated by emotions. In other words, if I don't have enough understanding of my research, I will not pursue it.

What are your long-term artistic goals?

I'll strive to keep making art no matter the circumstances. But eventually I hope to be able to do more advocacy work as an artist. I am passionate about human rights and humanitarian advocacy.


I also plan to be an arts educator.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Be real.

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