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 Featuring 31 Artists From Around the World

Exploring the creation of a Milostska Exhibition

Exploring the creation of a Milsotka Exhibition 

Featured Artists: 


Chibuzo Amajor, Shir Beck, Blu, John Boudreau, Bogdan Bousca, E ÇEVİKCAN, B. Kirk Chernansky, Arooj Chaudhry, Zoetica Ebb, Josephine Florens, Brenda Freires, Agnes Gomori, gringuts, Vilma Leino, Monika Lorincova, Farrah Macci, Benna G. Maris, Elena Masrour

Carolyn McPike, Claudia Moreno, Jaime Roberts, Maksim Shishov, Sona Sahakian, Bárbara Ramos, Tiziana Rasile, Chyenne Rielly, Kat Trevino, Jens Vange, Valencia Washington, Christine Williams


April 8th, 2022 - May 20th, 2022


Reflecting on all that is veiled, concealed, hidden, and peripheral, 'Beyond the Veil' explores the enigmatic moments frequently associated with the image of a veil. A social, identical, and cultural marker, the veil is neither limited to its history nor to its pragmatic or symbolic use. It is not necessarily physical but could be represented non-materialistically as well.


The etymology of Veil is "to cover, conceal, mask, disguise (something immaterial)". There are many iterations of veils in society and cultures, in nature such as a fog or mist, and veils between worlds or realms of consciousness. A social, an identity, a cultural marker, a veil is neither limited to its history nor to its pragmatic or symbolic use. 


Emma McMullin, Director of Curatorial Affairs; Rocio Montiel, Chief Curator; Jenny Chernansky, Senior Curator; Shannon Gardner, Associate Curator; Natali Dobreva, Lead Apprentice Curator.


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