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Solo Virtual Exhibition Application

Apply Here
(There is no application fee now. The exhibition service fee is paid upon acceptance.)
Would you like you base location published?
Would you like your socials published?
Upload File
Upload File
Products and Add-Ons
**You will receive an invoice to the email you provided with the total of your selections, and will be prompted for payment. We will also provide a link  with the invoice to upload your images for your gallery
Select applicable exhibition fees
Do you want to pre-pay for 1 year of exhibition time and save 25%?
Would you like to purchase the gallery code to embed on your site? (Monthly subscription)
Personalized Gallery Design 
**Please reference the catalog below and indicate design preferences for gallery architects. Choose from one of our pre-built templates OR completely customize your own
I want to/a
Pre-built template designs
Gallery shape
Intellectual Property
All rights are reserved by the original artist/owner of any and all work submitted to Culturally Arts Collective. Culturally Arts Collective does not assume exclusive rights or responsibility for work submitted. The Artist grants Culturally Arts Collective a non-exclusive license to distribute the intellectual property for marketing the Artist's product/exhibit/art and CAC. 
Risk Policy
Any and all rights associated with each piece belong to the artist in their entirety at all times. I release Culturally, its instructors, staff, and/or any representatives thereof, from all liability of any kind, including, but not limited to claims and/or causes of action for damages, theft, personal injury, medical expenses, costs of any kind, including attorneys’ fees and court costs arising from my participation in the virtual exhibitions program.
Social Media Release: Culturally is allowed to use my images submitted--with FULL CREDIT to the artist or owner--to market my art exhibition or on social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
Artist Agreement 

Become a member of Culturally Arts Collective for as low as $15! Become part of the Culturally Arts Collective family and enjoy a variety of exclusive member benefits: artist profile, first look at open calls, no submission fees, exhibition opportunities at galas and fundraisers, classes, networking events, magazine publications, and more! Members provide crucial support to our programs, exhibitions, conservation, educational programs, and social mission of arts accessibility. Learn more at

Thank you for applying! You will be recieiving an invoice to your email with payment and image upload instructions shortly

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