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Galerie Hanbell

Poèmes d'un journal secret Vo. 2

Auteur: ChiHeb

Basé à Constantine, Algérie

Instagram: @cosmic_city_


Ce sont des poèmes qui ont été cachés à la vue pendant une longue période de temps dans l'obscurité des pages fermées; à l'arrière d'un sac pour que personne ne puisse les lire. Ils sont écrits avec des sentiments honnêtes et proviennent d'expériences personnelles authentiques.


"Dance With Me" 

I have music in me
That won’t let you sleep
Sad tunes that will get you,
Up jumping to the beat
One melody
Soft and sweet
A ladder to the clouds
You climb slowly to kiss the sun
The sun climbs down to kiss you
The summer nights
And the dark nights
All together in a piece of meat
One that you call my heart

A heart that I consider yours
Listen to the rhythm in me baby
Rest your ear near my cheek
And allow me, to make you dance
Electricity hit me once
And now the lights
Prevent me from going to sleep
Let me keep you up all night please
Let me bring you up on your feet
Dance with me violently
Dance with me through the storm
Dance with my insecurity
Break my heart
Or just walk with me
I’d love you harder anyway
Who cuffed you angel?
Who burned the feathers on your wings?
They took the music out of you
They told you,
You’re no longer able to fly
Don’t you worry
I have music in me
That will make you fly
Happy tunes that will,
Make you cry rivers
Oh honey, and sugar
And the sweetest dreams
Dreams of love
Of lust
Of lemon trees
That one day
When I will leave Constantine
And travel the miles,
To kiss your palms and cheeks
My music
Will lift you up
Higher with every touch
And before you know it
We will be dancing on the moon
Step to the left

Step to the right
Listen to the rhythm in me baby
And allow me to make you dance
To break your chains; set you free
Get ready for the rebellion
Because soon I will rise
And you will hear me shout
Out loud addressing the world
I will say I’m free
I’m free, I’m free
I am finally free
And nothing then
Will be able to stop me
Or the music in me

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