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Introduction à la théorie musicale

Image by Nina Ž.

Get your group or class involved! 

Culturally works on tangible reform for arts accessibility and representation. We believe a big part of that is exposing youth to the visual, performing, and literary arts with FREE opportunities for children of all ages and levels to get involved! As arts education programs seemingly diminish in schools or are underserved from lack of funding or resources, Culturally provides virtual programs to revitalize children's innate love of creativity! All initiatives below are professionally developed to transform the benefits of art into neurological and social stimulation.


Teachers, educators, community liaisons, schools, and other educational institutions from ANY COUNTRY OR GRADE LEVEL can partner with us to integrate FREE personalized co-curricular or extracurricular programs for their students! Browse below for current opportunities in education, exhibition, and community service, or contact us to commission a new idea.


Our education department is comprised of experienced art teachers, scholastic educators, museum professionals, arts industry experts, non-profit coordinators, and more who will work with you around the clock to tailor projects to your needs and goals. Work with our K-12 Education, Professional Development, and International Education Coordinators, as well as our educators team from around the world. We have worked with hundreds of students with schools in the United States, Canada, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, and more!


As of July 2021, we are currently open to new developments! Programs are available in English, Spanish, and French.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be with a school to participate?

  • Teachers, educators, community liaisons, schools, educational institutions, community organizations, children's centers, advocacy groups, families, or simply a group of friends and more can commission any project below; you do not have to be a school! If you are one person, we offer ALL of the above programs for the general public in our main Culturally initiatives; visit the "education," "exhibitions," "outreach," and "events" tab to get involved! 

Are there any preliminary requirements or prerequisites?

  • You can commission a project with as few as three students with no maximum. However, this may vary per program or at the discretion of the Culturally education coordinator with whom you're working. Programs are open to students 5 years old through adults. You can be in any country--we have an international education team assigned to every corner of the world! Students can be of any skill level from beginners to advanced. 

How are you able to offer FREE complex personalized programs?

  • Our programs are virtually designed by a team of staff and volunteers who are passionate arts advocates and wish to provide undeserved communities with the best possible resources. Monetary return isn't our primary concern; we want to provide tangible reform for arts accessibility and inclusivity. Support from members, international volunteers, and simply spreading the word helps keep our initiatives free to promote social change through the arts! Culturally's main purpose is to eliminate the stigmas of elitism and exclusivity in the arts and provide opportunities for students to be supported in their creative passions. 


  • Click on the button under each program to email us! Provide information about your class, group, or institution, how many students would be served, and what you're looking for. One of our dedicated education or outreach coordinators will contact you to answer your questions or begin to develop your initiative. You can also use the contact form below. 

Artist Holding a Paintbrush


Want to participate or commission a project but don't know where to start? Schedule a FREE Zoom or email consultation with Culturally's Executive Director to find out which program is best for you or your institution! 

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